Online Video Platform Solutions Focus On Video SEO Goodness

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Validation feels good ;-)  What do I mean by this?  Well, over the past year, many of the online video platforms that we write about, have begun to focus a bit on helping their customers deploy videos that are more search engine friendly.  I imagine that the focus on video SEO comes from the platform’s customers who are hearing the video SEO buzz and are publishing more and more videos that they want to have discovered.

All of this is step forward with regard to hosted video SEO and is the reason that I started ReelSEO in the first place – so, it is music to my ears. It is likely music to the ears of the search engines (do they have ears?) as well as it helps them better index, ingest, and rank video landing pages.

I thought it may be worthwhile to quickly congratulate and highlight some of the platforms that have worked to provide a more search engine friendly video solution for their customers:

Brightcove was one of the first to focus on video SEO with an extensive set of API features available in BC3 which allow their customers to create more search engine friendly landing pages with the release of BC3 (now they are on to BC4.)

Vzaar launched “search enhancer” which allows their customers enter the url of the location of their video deployment page and vzaar then submits a video XML feed to Google each day.

Fliqz released a whitepaper about video SEO in conjunction with a new offering dubbed “Search Success” which allows also their customers to take advantage of Video XML sitemaps for greater indexing in Google.

Ooyala hosted a webinar on Video SEO with me and Pete Kocks, President of Truveo as speakers (I will make this available sometime this week for those of you who missed it).  In 2008, they launched syndication capabilities within Backlot such that customers could automatically create and distribute MRSS feeds and Google Video Sitemaps.  Additionally, last week, they released a new SDK which allows their clients to harness textual metadata on video landing pages.

Veeple, as we posted today, took a huge step towards greater video search engine friendliness by creating video embed codes to their customers that include alt text directly within the embed code which I believe is a first for an online video platform.

Sorenson 360, a “video delivery network” by Sorenson Media, in January, announced new SEO features for their clients.

Multicast purchased VeoTag and rolled it up into their “MediaTag” offering.

Videobloom launched their “Video SEO module” which allows their customers to automatically generate Media RSS (MRSS) feeds and directly notify search engines of their existence, location and subject matter of their online videos.

BitsonTheRun has also evangelized the importance of Video SEO for their customers and they have published extensive help documentation on getting videos indexed in Google.  They also have MRSS feed capabilities.

Congrats to the customers of these video hosting platforms.  If there are any that I missed, please forgive me and let me know in the comments below.  If ReelSEO helped in any way, we are glad to be of service and I would be remiss if I didn’t plug my own consulting services (feel free to contact me directly).


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