Online Video More Popular Than Pie (Maybe) and Voting

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I like pie. I’m sure a lot of you like pie. I also like online video, I’m sure you like online video as well, or else you wouldn’t be reading this now would you? But who reigns supreme in the pie vs. Online video war?

Online video, probably. I mean at least 66% of Internet users watch at least one video per month online. How many of you eat at least one pie per month? Huh? Huh? I thought so. The last time I had a whole pie was, I can’t remember. The last time I watched a whole video online was last night. See, therefore online video is more popular than pie.

Or, if you need more accurate proof, here’s some colorful charts for you to stare at.

It's a pie chart about pies!

eMarketer did some research and found that approximately 66.7% of US Internet users watch at least one video online each month.They also estimate that it will rise almost 11% by 2014 and more then three-quarters of us will be doing it (come on it’s cool, almost everyone is doing it). It’s entirely possible that it could be far more than that if CISCO has its way and their new hardware starts pumping mega-broadband to every man woman and farmer in the US (remember those rural areas are picking up on broadband usage).

This is more of that report where I was able to find out that 0-18 year olds are possibly the biggest online video demographic and the others are all about 20-22% each (for those 18 to 54).

Anyway, some quick math shows that about 221.5 million Americans are using Internet according to eMarketer and so roughly 147.5M are watching videos (I actually extrapolated backwards from eMarketer’s online video viewing number).

In the grand scheme of things there are roughly 307 million Americans (estimated 2009) which means that roughly 72% of us are using the Internet, well done America.

It also means that 48% of Americans are watching video online. That officially makes it more popular than voting.

In fact, more people watch at least one video per month than voted in the last election (132,618,580) which is 56.8% of the voting age population which totals 231.2 million Americans. Poor form America, stop watching so many damned videos online and get out and vote.

I’m sure there’s some sociological conclusion to be drawn there, like online video is more interesting than a bunch of stuff shirts topped with flappy heads talking about how they can save the country (which is politic-ese for lining their pockets with cash).


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