Innovative Lawyers Use Online Video To Get New Clients

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gavel Previously, we had covered some interesting research regarding the power of online video for attorneys and lawyers.  According to the research presented, consumers are more apt to choose an attorney that offers an online video on their website. Specifically, consumers typically visit an average of almost 5 websites (4.8) before they end up making a decision as to which attorney to choose.  When video is added to the lawyer’s website, this number decreases to 1.8.
Our guest post was written by an experienced medical malpractice & personal injury trial lawyer practicing in New York, Gerry Oginski.  Gerry shares his unique and real perspective on the power of online video marketing for attorneys and states that together with his website presence, his online marketing efforts drive 50% of all his calls/leads.

As the internet has taken hold and more lawyers have recognized the benefits of marketing online, one marketing tool is defining the standard of advertising on the web. Online video is the newest, hottest tool available for lawyers to communicate their message on the web. Admittedly, attorney videos are one-way communication, but they offer significant advantages over every other advertising medium

Most attorneys have failed to understand the true value of video and how it can improve their chances of a potential client calling them over their competitor. Legal marketing experts agree that the sooner you start to see the value of video marketing, the sooner you’ll see the results. Legal marketing expert Larry Bodine ( recently commented that putting video on your website is

“…a great opportunity to present how you look, how you talk, what you’re like, and make yourself more attractive to clients. It’s a great business-getting technique.”

The key to encouraging a website visitor to call you, is with video. Static websites and fancy graphics just do not cut it any more, and fail to distinguish yourself from your competitor. Tom Foster, CEO of Foster Web Marketing ( says

“If you get in early by putting video on your website, you can take advantage of good search placement on the video search engines.”

Benefits of Video For The Practicing Attorney

Millions of viewers go online every day to watch video clips about every topic imaginable. From ‘how-to’ videos where you can learn to build a house, to bizarre videos of no-talent singers pretending to be Tom Cruise in their dining room. From sports to politics to technology, there’s a video online to steal a few moments of your time.

Video allows the attorney not only to convey their marketing message, but allows viewers to see, hear, and determine whether the lawyer inspires confidence and knows what he is talking about. Video allows for more than a 30 second commercial that screams at you. Online video gives lawyers the opportunity to explain to viewers how they are different from every other lawyer who is competing with them.

Video Is The Key To Show You Are Different

How does video distinguish you from everyone else? By creating a personal bond with your viewer. Admittedly, it’s a one-way conversation, but it allows the viewer to see you, hear you, and judge for themselves whether you sound confident and intelligent enough to want to call you.

So far, the biggest users of online video for law firms have been personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers. These attorneys have gotten in on the ground floor and are just now learning how to optimize their videos so that the major search engines identify the videos and improve their search engine ranking for their website. That’s the golden key that every attorney who advertises online appears to strive for. To be able to say that “Out of 4 million websites, Google thinks my site is #1 in their organic search rankings,” is indeed, a feat to strive for and emulate.

Why a Potential Client Would Call You

If a potential client is searching for a lawyer online, what would make them choose one lawyer over another with the same credentials? You each have a website. You each have similar experience. You each charge basically the same for similar services. So, how are you different, and how can you communicate that to a nameless, faceless visitor to your website?

A video that tells a visitor who you are and welcomes them, has already gained brownie points. What should you talk about? If you talk about how great you are and how amazing your credentials are, does the viewer really care? Or is the viewer more interested in how you can solve their pressing legal problem? If you can answer their unasked question through a video, not only will you have scored all the points, you can bet that person will call you and not your colleague down the street.

Generating half of all calls to his office

Oginski says “These educational videos together with my informative website have caused my phone to ring. In fact, they generate half of all the calls to my office.” He explains that this is a dramatic increase from the previous year when he only had his website online.

Virginia Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Ben Glass, who teaches marketing to lawyers all over the country says that he agrees that “It’s no longer good enough to just have a message that you ‘shout’ out to consumers via the Yellow Pages, TV, Radio or the Internet. The informational videos that Gerry Oginski has created uses cutting-edge marketing ideas and combines them with the latest technology in order to ‘start a conversation’ with potential clients. That’s the key to getting a website visitor to call.”

What happens to those lawyers who choose not to use online video? Oginski believes that “those lawyers will lose the chance to get excellent placement on the video search engines. Those same lawyers lose the ability to improve their search engine rankings, because video clearly helps improve their website rankings. Lawyers who fail to create useful videos lose the opportunity to connect with their website visitors and distinguish themselves from all the other lawyers out there competing for the same business. Those lawyers lose the advantage of letting a viewer get to know them and trust them before they ever walk into their office.”

About Our Guest Author

Gerry Oginski is an experienced medical malpractice & personal injury trial lawyer practicing law in New York since 1988. He has created, produced and uploaded over 100 educational videos online about New York medical malpractice, wrongful death and personal injury law. Gerry’s website ( consistently comes up #1 in the organic search results when you do a Google search for “New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer.”

Gerry’s video blog can be seen at


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