Online Video Impacts Top 50 Web Properties During June 2010

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comScore has released the monthly report on who does what, where on the web, commonly referred to as the comScore Media Metrix. The report, as usual, looks at top web properties, ad networks and the changes in the traffic on those properties.While the travel sector scored highly, online games rose and teens jumped online with school getting out, I’m only really going to look at the impact that online video had on the numbers.

Google held the top spot, <sarcasm> I am so shocked! </sarcasm> and Yahoo! hit second, Microsoft third. Most importantly, ESPN went up 12 spots due most likely to their online coverage and video of the World Cup. also took the top gainer spot for the month dribbling past Oprah and everyone else. Also in the list was Univision, also big into both football and online video. Arriba muchachos!

Table 1

comScore Top 10 Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors* (U.S.)

June 2010 vs. May 2010
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations

Source: comScore Media Metrix

Total Unique Visitors (000)
May-10Jun-10% ChangeRank by Unique Visitors
Total Internet : Total Audience 215,691215,0610N/A
The Mozilla Organization18,77029,5765839
Wenner Media5,8647,54029193
Univision Communications Inc5,0086,31726232
American Express7,1778,93424166

*Ranking based on the top 250 properties in June 2010. Excludes entities whose growth was primarily due to implementation of Media Metrix 360 unified digital audience measurement.

Now on to the top 50 web properties all around. I’ve highlighted the video heavy sites for your viewing pleasure. Sure it’s only 13 of the top 50, but most of those others feature video of some sort. Looking at the Google number it seems that YouTube pulls far more visitors that the search engine and other services combined. The Video Metrix showed that Google Sites had 144.5M unique visitors or roughly 80.8% of visitors to Google Sites.

Yahoo users are far less video conscious it seems as only 44.9M are included in the Video Metrix while 170.2M are listed here, that’s just over 26%. Even FOX has closer to 50% of their users coming for video (41.6M).

Here’s the top ten video properties with their overall number and percentages:

Property Video Metrix

(unique viewers in millions)


(users in millions)


watching video

Google Sites144.5178.880.8
Yahoo! Sites44.9170.226.4

So Vevo and probably Hulu (not in the top 50 web properties) have the highest percentage of video viewers with Google running third and Break fourth (based on percentage of total viewers watching video).

comScore Top 50 Properties (U.S.)

June 2010
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix

RankPropertyUnique Visitors


RankPropertyUnique Visitors


Total Internet : Total Audience 215,061
1Google Sites178,78526YellowBook Network36,420
2Yahoo! Sites170,22127Break Media35,729
3Microsoft Sites160,84628Wal-Mart35,488
4FACEBOOK.COM141,63829Gannett Sites35,017
5AOL LLC107, The Womens Network34,927
6Fox Interactive Media88,82631Federated Media Publishing34,644
7Ask Network87, Network34,065
8Glam Media85,43933WordPress33,389
9Turner Network85,29434Weatherbug Property32,827
10Amazon Sites75,96835Disney Online30,954
11CBS Interactive74,44536Verizon Communications Corporation30,902
12Wikimedia Foundation Sites72,12737ESPN30,585
13New York Times Digital68,91238Expedia Inc30,059
14Apple Inc.68,26539The Mozilla Organization29,576
15eBay67,00640Tribune Interactive28,499
16Viacom Digital66,03841AT&T Interactive Sites28,071
17Demand Media54,61942Time Warner – Excluding AOL27,975
18craigslist, inc.50,71543Target Corporation26,913
19VEVO48, LLC26,525
20Comcast Corporation45,68045Gorilla Nation26,448
21Weather Channel, The44,29146Everyday Health26,279 Sites40,37747The Washington Post Company25,770
23Adobe Sites37,52248Warner Music25,740
24Technorati Media36,97149NBC Universal25,468
25NetShelter Technology Media36,93050WorldNow Sites24,620

Finally, we come to the ad networks. Now comScore changed the Video Metrix reporting and so we have top video properties by ads viewed there, so I’ll have to just highlight those sites that showed up in that report (red) and the highest potential reach as per Video Metrix (blue).

comScore Ad Focus Ranking (U.S.)

June 2010
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix

RankPropertyUnique Visitors (000)% ReachRankPropertyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience 215,061100.0
1BrightRoll Video Network – Potential Reach202,02493.926FACEBOOK.COM141,63865.9
2SpotXchange Video Ad Network – Potential Reach197,39791.827AudienceScience**140,29865.2
3BBE – Potential Reach189,27188.028interCLICK**139,13864.7
4Tremor Media – Potential Reach185,72686.429Casale Media – MediaNet**136,78763.6
5Yahoo! Network**184,34085.730Adconion Media Group**134,77062.7
6AOL Advertising**184,16085.631Pulse 360**128,68659.8
7YuMe Video Network – Potential Reach182,45484.832Burst Media**127,58659.3
8Google Ad Network**182,23784.733Break Media – Potential Reach120,21455.9
9Adconion Video Network – Potential Reach180,28783.834MSN117,81954.8 Video Network – Potential Reach177,22082.435NNN Total Newspapers: U.S.112,88452.5
11ScanScout Network – Potential Reach173,71480.836YOUTUBE.COM*112,00552.1
12ValueClick Networks**173,23880.637Viacom Digital Network – Potential Reach110,60951.4
13Google170,25179.238ADSDAQ by ContextWeb**108,81850.6
14Yahoo! Sites170,22179.239CPX Interactive**108,17750.3
15TidalTV – Potential Reach165,08876.840AOL LLC107,47750.0
16Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) – Potential Reach163,60176.141AOL Media Network107,43450.0
1724/7 Real Media**162,83375.742Adify**105,63949.1
18Microsoft Media Network US**157,94773.443ITN Digital – Potential Reach103,27948.0
19Specific Media**157,69073.344Centro – Potential Reach103,00647.9
20Turn, Inc**156,15672.645IB Local Network – Potential Reach99,26846.2
21AdBrite**151,11670.346Undertone Networks**99,24946.1
22FOX Audience Network**148,75969.247Vibrant Media**99,22946.1
23Collective Network**148,21968.948Kontera**93,28443.4
24Tribal Fusion**146,27068.049AdBlade Network**93,15743.3
25Traffic Marketplace**142,10266.150MTVN Tribes – Potential Reach92,42043.0

Those on the Top US Online Video Properties by Video Ads Viewed, who did not make this chart include: Hulu (31.5 ads per viewer), CBS Interactive (6.9) and ESPN (5.7). Microsoft Sites combined reached it (9.2) but on this chart are broken out into specific sites like MSN, Media Network, etc. Also, Google and YouTube are separated showing that YouTube has 112 million unique viewers. Plugging that into the video metrix number it means that only about 32.5 million people watch video on other Google sites, which is still enough to make them 7th overall and YouTube number one.

Reach % denotes the percentage of the total Internet population that viewed a particular entity at least once in June. For instance, Yahoo! Sites was seen by 79 percent of the 215 million Internet users in June.

* Entity has assigned some portion of traffic to other syndicated entities.

** Denotes an advertising network.


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