Online Videos Driving Buzz & Speeding Up Sales For Performance Automotive Industry

Online Videos Driving Buzz & Speeding Up Sales For Performance Automotive Industry

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When you think of YouTube, you don’t necessarily think of the automotive industry. You think of viral videos such as Rebecca Black’s Friday or other such videos that tend to generate a ton of views and a lot of controversy. However, for a while now, YouTube has been a great starting point for companies in the automotive industry that want to show off their latest and greatest by showing off their products in videos that go viral within the community. These videos demonstrate how a modified car sounds and performs to give potential customers a very personal experience.

Automotive Performance Videos are a Huge Hit

The most popular car and truck videos on YouTube are races between rival cars that are usually modified by rival shops. Most of these races are performed on such race tracks as the Texas Mile, and some are performed dangerously on the streets of Moscow. These videos generate hundreds of thousands of page views that typically turn into sales. The videos are used as a catalyst to get enthusiasts to want to build their car similar to the cars in the videos. And it doesn’t just end there. Customers of speed shops buy cameras that they strap inside of their cars to take in car videos. They record track sessions, street sessions, and various other things that get posted to YouTube and then spread around forums and blogs. This generates a hyper-interest in the shop and gives a serious boost to credibility.

Underground Racing Sees Business Take off with Online Video

One shop that gained big is Underground Racing, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Underground Racing is known for it’s viral online videos of their huge high horsepower cars such as a 1500 horsepower twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. This car is also popular because it’s the world’s fastest Lamborghini! Check out the video that has over 1.1 million views on YouTube: After releasing such videos, Underground Racing’s business skyrocketed, with every Lamborghini owner wanting their car to be just as fast as the car in the video. And that’s not all. They have dozens of customers that are just as excited to make videos of their car going just as fast as the car in the other videos. Here is an example of a customer of Underground Racing making a video of his Twin Turbo Lamborghini running the quarter mile: Online videos are big business for the automotive industry to show off the latest high performance parts in a much more personal way that just taking pictures and doing writeups. With the video the customer is able to experience the sights and sounds of the performance of the car to build more of an emotional connection that makes the customer turn from a window shopper to a buyer.

5 Performance Tips to Boost your Automotive Business With Video

If you are a shop, here are some tips that can help to boost your business using video and YouTube:

  1. Make videos of your products from all angles to show the customer in depth what your parts are about.
  2. Narrate the video explaining to the viewer how the part works, and the benefits for the design.
  3. Show videos of your actual shop. Customers love to see that they are dealing with a solid brick and mortar entity. It’s important when spending thousands of dollars.
  4. Ask customers to send in videos that they uploaded to YouTube. It’ll get your shop exposure since will mention your name.
  5. Take videos of cars using your parts on the race track and speed trials. Customers want to see how they perform!

The benefits aren’t only for the shops. Manufactures of high performance parts are creating videos of tours of their facilities to show their parts are quality, unlike mass produced parts from overseas. A big issue in the automotive industry is a large selection of manufactures that sell the same car parts with a different color and a different brand name, but made from the same factories. Like never before, online video has been proven to grow not only your customer base, but also your social media presence. Facebook fans, twitter followers, and URL shares are all a direct result of people being able to “see what they get” by shops and manufactures documenting their parts and performance using online video.


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