Online Video Revolutionizes The Automotive Racing World

Online Video Revolutionizes The Automotive Racing World

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Online Video has become an outlet for the automotive enthusiast to create a memory of a track day and to do a little showing off to online enthusiasts on forums, blogs and YouTube.  Back in the days before online video was popular, IRC chat rooms and forums were filled with he-said-she-said about just how fast a car is, driver skill, and what kind of performance car parts someone had.

A Quick Way to Add Facebook Friends

With such technologies as the GoPro HD camera, an enthusiast is literally able to strap a high definition video camera into their car.  The camera is usually mounted to a roll cage, roll bar, or harness that is positioned between the two front seats.  When going out to a track day to road race, auto cross, or drag race, the driver can simply flip the switch to on, and start recording the full race.

Drivers who are fast are quickly embraced by the community as an elite, and those community members typically listen to advice from that driver.  With online video the proof is in the pudding.  A sure fire way to add a bunch of Facebook friends quickly!

A Great Way to Engage an Audience in Motorsports

Many types of racing is popular, but none have gained so much attention as drifting.  This style of racing which also combines the art and style of show, has received much publicity from people who are in the sport and looking to either get sponsors, or simply show off their drifting skills.  Here is an example video of in-car footage of a Nissan drifting around a track in Japan

Videos like this also encourage idle enthusiasts to participate, which has seen growth even in an economy such as the one we have now.  Nothing like venting a little steam at the track, getting it on video, and uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo to do a little showing off.

3 Tips to Recording Yourself Racing

  1. Get a high quality camera that is made for action sports such as racing.  These cameras can handle wind noise very well, giving your video much more watchability.
  2. Make sure you have some quality movie editing software, such as iMovie for the Mac.  You will want to cut out boring parts, and maybe even add music to spice up the video.  Keep in mind to keep the music volume low, automotive enthusiasts would rather listen to your engine and everything else, as opposed to your music.
  3. Don’t record yourself doing anything illegal and then claim you are on a deserted road in Mexico.  No one falls for that any more ;)

Most importantly, have fun!  Online video is a great way to show your online friends what you are up to halfway across the world, and it’s a great way to break the ice and share inspirations and technical advice.


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