Video Transforms Advertising: Learn How at the Online Video Advertising Summit & Save with ReelSEO

Video Transforms Advertising: Learn How at the Online Video Advertising Summit & Save with ReelSEO

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Our friends over at VideoNuze are holding the Online Video Advertising Summit in New York on Tuesday, June 19.  If you would like to go, you should know that the Early Bird Discount expires this Friday at 6 PM Eastern.  Readers of this site can also get and additional 25% off with the discount coupon code, “ReelSEO12.”

The Summit will house all the biggest names in online video advertising to enlighten and educate, and ReelSEO’s founder Mark Robertson will be moderating a panel called, “Using Video as a Strategic Engagement Tool,” and you should come out to see him.

VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit: Why You Should Go

The impressive program will be jam-packed with information on trends, tips, and more.  We talked with Will Richmond, editor and publisher of VideoNuze and who will open up the program with welcoming remarks:

ReelSEO: Who would be an ideal attendee, IE – who is the summit targeted towards? Who stands to benefit and learn most?

Will Richmond: The Summit is ideal for executives at agencies, advertisers, content publishers, technology providers and anyone else in the ecosystem for whom online video advertising is critical to their future success.

RSEO: What are you most excited about when it comes to the show? What are you most excited about with regard to the online video industry?

WR: I’m really excited about the range of speakers and sessions at the Summit – we have all the critical perspectives (e.g. publisher, advertiser, agency, technology) and topics (e.g. Research, brand development, creative, connected devices, media buying, etc.) very well covered. It’s going to be a stimulating day of learning and networking for attendees, and will surely help accelerate the online video advertising space. At a higher level, online video usage is exploding, as viewers come to appreciate the choice and convenience it offers. This is creating a huge tailwind for advertising.

RSEO: What else would people be interested to know about this Summit?

WR: As I’ve often said, the reality for video content providers distributing online is that the vast, vast majority of it will be ad-supported. Once you get past things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes and the TV Everywhere players, monetization will be through advertising. That’s why it’s so critical that the market be accelerated – with key challenges addresses and best practices shared. That’s what the VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit is all about – bringing together the industry’s thought-leaders to drive this opportunity forward.

We’d like to thank Will Richmond for his time!

Using Video as a Strategic Engagement Tool

At this summit, ReelSEO founder/CEO Mark Robertson is moderating a panel that will be discussing the American Express/Google/YouTube joint venture, “My Business Story,” something our own Greg Jarboe wrote about last year.

The panel will talk about the success of this program for small businesses as they turned to video to reach out to their existing and to potential new customers.

Here’s some background on what the contest entailed:

More Online Video Advertising Insights:

But that’s just one of the reasons you should go.  How about:

  • State of the Online Video Ad Market: Big Growth Ahead: Tremendous growth is coming, so where do the opportunities lie?
  • Connected TV’s: Game Changer Coming to the Living Room: How connected TV’s and their ability to bring video right alongside all the other TV channels in the world will be a huge deal.
  • How Multi-Platform Video is Leveling the Playing Field for All Content Publishers: How video making it onto all the various devices in the world opens up exciting advertising streams.
  • Best Practices in Online Video Advertising: A 360 Degree View: Taking a look at all the angles of what’s emerging and yet to come to put video advertising into high gear.
  • Upfronts, NewFronts and the Transition of Ad Spending – The Agency Perspective: How is online video chipping away at TV ad dollars?
  • Case Study I – When Brands and Content Connect: When brands can provide stories and advertise in a non-intrusive way.
  • Case Study II – How the Power of Choice Drives Results: When given a choice of what ad a viewer would like to see, the results are better than pre-roll.
  • Case Study III – A Marketer’s View: The Future of Video For Brands. At Scale: A look into the crystal ball from Innovid’s Zvika Netter.
  • Video 2.0: Insights from’s Consumer Research: What kind of content are viewers looking for?
  • 3 Screens, 3 User Experiences: Making Monetization Work: Not all platforms are created equal, so it’s wise to create different content for each.
  • Online Video – Tapping Into a New Creative Canvas for Branding: How Macy’s is making online video work for them.

In addition, you can win a Samsung 40″ LED SmartTV courtesy of Jivox.

Experts from the following companies will be there:

  • eMarketer
  • American Express
  • Google/YouTube ZOO
  • LG
  • YuMe
  • The Wall Street Journal Digital Network
  • Hill Holiday
  • Conviva
  • The Weather Channel
  • Razorfish
  • Videology
  • GroupM
  • Digitas
  • Collective
  • Canaan Partners
  • Outrigger Media
  • VivaKi
  • Spark
  • Innovid
  • TV Guide Digital
  • CBS Interactive
  • The Digital Innovations Group
  • Mixpo
  • Discovery Digital Media
  • Macy’s

Tickets for the event are available here.  You can take advantage of the Early Bird discount right now, but it expires tomorrow at 6 PM Eastern.  You can also get 25% off by using the code, “ReelSEO12“.  More information is at the VideoNuze website.  Take advantage as soon as you can!


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