Online Video 101 For Small Business: Video Marketing for SMBs FREE E-Book

Online Video 101 For Small Business: Video Marketing for SMBs FREE E-Book

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For most of our readers, video is something you deal with on a daily basis: shooting, editing, writing, marketing, etc. But for a lot of businesses and individuals, video still represents uncharted waters. Even companies that see video’s potential and want to jump in can be overwhelmed by the amount of information or unsure of where to begin.

Hence I am pleased to present: “Online Video 101 for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Online Video to Promote Your Company, Engage Prospects, & Acquire Customers.” So… what is it (other than a fairly long title)? I’m so glad you asked.

New Free E-book: Online Video 101 for Small Business

Online Video 101 for Small Business is a new e-book from ReelSEO, and it’s full of applicable information you can use to help streamline and improve your video marketing efforts. Oh, and it also has a delicious gooey center:

It was written by our good friend Kevin “Nalts” Nalty. That’s right, in one ebook you get the insight from an expert and author of “Beyond Viral: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money With Online Video,” AND the sense of humor of one of YouTube’s most prolific video marketers and creators. You got knowledge in my entertainment! You got entertainment in my knowledge!!

Every day more and more small business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to online video to find and engage new customers. The medium is more compelling, and more likely to foster a relationship with consumers than text alone.”

Online Video 101 for Small Business is laid out in easy-to-follow chapters like:

  • The Small Business Online Video Dilemma
  • How Will Online Video Help My Business?
  • 9 Simple Ways to Play
  • Do’s & Don’ts

Most of the common concerns and questions small business owners have with regard to online video are addressed directly in this book. Too expensive? Not true! Too much effort? That’s crazy!

Grab A Free Copy of “Online Video 101 for Small Business”

So, we’ve told you “who” (Nalts) and the “what” (killer new ebook you can get from us for free)… so I guess now all we need to cover is the “how”–as in… “how do I go about getting my grubby little hands on this ebook?”

Again, glad you asked. And it’s simple… just fill out this form below and we’ll email you the pdf. that’s it. No strings, no tricks, and no auto-playing full-page overlay advertisements. Just fill out the form below and we’ll email you the Online Video 101 For Small Businesses e-book!

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