Online Testing for Video Ads Is Not Common Practice

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Marketing Sherpa has released a new report talking about the testing of ads prior to placement online is fairly uncommon.

online-video-testingIf you take a look at the chart you can see that only around 33% of those using video ads online actually test the ads and only an amazing 3% actually test video in a paid environment prior to airing them on TV. The majority of video advertisers are using prior marketing research and the reception that previous ads received when they were used. Meanwhile only about 50% of advertisers are actually creating ads specifically targeted to particular placements.

A lot of the marketers are relying on tracking services like Nielsen to get feedback on how well their ads are performing. However, given the recent issues between Nielsen, ComScore and Hulu, is that perhaps the best way to proceed?

Apparently the majority says yes as about 58% of them say they use some sort of marketing research and feedback. That shows that at present there must still be some faith in services like Nielsen but the trend might be moving away from them into the future. But that 66% who don’t do any sort of testing are surely making up a large part of that 42% who are not using the marketing research and that could be a growing demographic as times goes on.


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