Online Reputation Management With Video SEO

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search-marketing-standard-magazineGrant Crowell a contributor to and Search Marketing Standard’s Video columnist, posted an excellent article today that makes the case for why video SEO is important for reputation management online, and provides some information regarding solutions to start off with.

Key points in the argument include:

  • People are searching more often for video than ever before
  • Video is given extra visibility and functionality in the search results
  • Video has a stronger viral component
  • There aren’t the same copyright and trademark issues you’d be restricted from with paid search.
  • Key warning – have a video professional AND your target audience review your content before you optimize and distribute it.

In addition, Grant talks about the Video we released a few weeks back titled, “Sex and the City’s Kristen Davis on Video SEO.” After some quick editing and basic video optimization, that video now rotates between #1 and #2 in Yahoo for the search “kristen davis video” – pointing back to the site – ahead in the search results in all but one of the major search providers of video, including YouTube!  What Grant did not mention is that if you were to do this search a week prior to our video being released and optimized for search, you would have seen that the first result was for the now infamous sex videos which have been released all over the internet.

Now think about the power that could have when it comes to SEO for reputation management…

Read the rest of this excellent article – Here


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