Brands Race for Olympic Gold in Social Video Buzz With Unruly’s Brand Tracker Infographic

Brands Race for Olympic Gold in Social Video Buzz With Unruly’s Brand Tracker Infographic

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We talked about Unruly’s social video lab recently and we were able to get some insight into what makes videos successful.  This year’s Olympics will be getting a load of attention from Unruly this summer and they’ll be tracking the brands that garner the most social media buzz, complete with an animated infographic that portrays brands as runners in a 100-meter dash.  Using Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, the number of shares through Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs will be tracked, and the top 8 brands race for the gold.  Let’s take a look at this nifty tool, shall we?

Unruly’s Animated Brand Tracker Infographic: Brands Race for Gold

Quite helpfully, we can embed this thing.  Just press “Start Race:”

What’s really helpful also about this infographic is that Unruly offers a Gold, Silver, and Bronze for the top 3 ads for the top 3 brands.  So you can click on the 1, 2, or 3 underneath the winners and see what ads are getting the most attention.  At the time of this posting, Proctor & Gamble is far away winning the race between the brands.

If you click on the ad, it takes you to the video and their Viral Video Chart, which shows a graph with the spikes in shares:

Taking 2nd place right now is Adidas, and their top ad is the star-studded “We All Run:”. And in 3rd place is Samsung and their top ad is for the Galaxy Note also featuring David Beckham:

Unruly will update the results twice a day until August 12, when a winner will be crowned.  It all comes down to what kind of content is shared.  I particularly like this Samsung ad with Beckham playing “Ode to Joy” by kicking soccer balls into the drums.  That’s a unique bit of content.  Of course, the P&G one has a great deal of emotional power.

It’s great that Unruly is doing this: it’s a fun way to show what ad campaigns are working best and may give us some insight into what kind of content is shared and why.  Of course, brands have access to the most information, should they take part in Unruly’s social video lab, which is where you go if you decide to click, “Find The Winning Formula Here.”  Give this a look over the summer.  It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top.

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