Proctor & Gamble Sneaks 2 Ads Into 1 For Post-Super Bowl Old Spice Goodness

Proctor & Gamble Sneaks 2 Ads Into 1 For Post-Super Bowl Old Spice Goodness

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Here’s a tremendous way to get your ad money’s worth: stick two products into one ad and continue the insane branded insanity of some of the most popular commercials in the world.  Old Spice is known for Old Spice Man and the non sequitur commercials we all enjoy, but another, even crazier ad campaign is when they use muscular actor Terry Crews to shout and destroy things.  So Proctor & Gamble, which makes a million things, decided to marry sane Bounce and Charmin advertisements with the out-of-this-world antics of Old Spice, and decided to let Tim & Eric direct it.

An Instant Viral Sensation That Advertises Two Products

The ad will debut on TV on Monday, February 6, the day after the Super Bowl, but of course are currently available online.  But the other smart thing about these ads is that they get the attention afforded to Super Bowl ads without the cost.  Old Spice ads at this point don’t need a $3.5 million ad buy to get noticed.

Here is the first ad for Bounce and Old Spice:

And here’s another one with Charmin:

The Old Spice campaign comes from the ad agency Wieden + Kennedy.

The Old Spice portion of these ads do overpower the other products, but, especially in the case of the Bounce dryer bar, I think people will remember that part because you can’t really describe the ad without discussing how it begins.  And in the case of Charmin, while the Charmin Freshmates get upstaged right at the time you’re hearing about the product, you cannot get Terry Crews’ face breaking through a toilet bowl out of your head.  It’s just burned in your brain.  You’ll definitely remember it was a bathroom product of some sort.

I love the idea that “Old Spice is too powerful to stay in its own commercial,” or “Old Spice is so powerful it sells itself ‘in other people’s commercials’.”  But let’s not forget here that Proctor & Gamble is getting two ads in one, and that’s an enviable cost-effective maneuver.

It’s right up the demented alley of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, who we just discussed with their movie available online, Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.  One of the hallmarks of Tim & Eric’s work from their show on Adult Swim, “Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job,” is taking cheap commercials and parodying them in a usually twisted manner.  So that they were hired to direct these ads makes too much sense.

This is the old Energizer Bunny tactic, only with real products.  If you’re old enough to remember those old Energizer Bunny commercials, they would start with something that seemed like a regular commercial and then the bunny would come in and interrupt the ad.  Here, you have an ad that is perfectly staged, with a real product, shot exactly the way a traditional ad would be shot, and then…Terry Crews, who has ads every bit as popular as Old Spice Man’s, they’re just harder to emulate.

Fantastic job from Wieden + Kennedy, Proctor & Gamble, and Tim & Eric.  Chances are if you’re a duo you did a good job with these ads.

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