Notes from the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit (Update)

Notes from the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit (Update)

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Hello, everyone.  Sorry to those of you who can’t be here at the Summit, but I figured I could give you a little bit of an update as each speaker came up and sort of summarize some things.  So this will act as a “live blog” of sorts.  So, live from San Francisco:

Update: 4:00 PM.  Video Metrics That Matter: And Tools I Wish I’d Created.   Led by our founder Mark Robertson, Rob Ciampa of Pixability took over for a sick Will Keenan, Rob Gabel of Tubular Labs, and Robert Sandie of vidIQ talked video metrics.  Ciampa just said, “Views aren’t engagement…views are prostitution.”  I think that sums it up.  “Watch time” is really getting its due here at the Summit.  Hmm…Sandie says, “90 percent of Tweets don’t mention the brand name.”  Really, engagement is kind of hard to measure–you can see added subscribers, more comments, lots of social media, and you still don’t know how “engaged” everyone is–that is, how many true fans you have who are your brand loyalists.  But that’s where companies like vidIQ come in that find the fans who are your tastemakers, people who comment a lot and use social media for your videos all the time.

3:05 PM.  Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity.  Alex Barza at Google, Marcus Pratt at Mediasmith, Essence’s Mary Griffin, Keith Eadie at TubeMogul (who gave us a post), and Blast Media consultant Julie Perry gave the lowdown on ads.  A lot has been made of TrueView…it’s a good system I guess.  But I always see different reports on their effectiveness.

2:00 PM.  Content Vs. Community – Which Is King?  We interviewed one of these speakers, Brendan Gahan of Fullscreen, and the panel is rounded out by Bing Chen of YouTube, Jonathan Hunt of Vice, Ryan Lee of Twitter, and Hermione Way of Newspepper.  An example was brought up with ShayCarl, who has a millions subscribers but doesn’t exactly make amazing-looking video content…however, his attitude and personality is really what people go for, and outside of the content, ShayCarl does a great job of interacting with fans.

1:00 PM.  Making Your Videos Famous – The Science of Sharing & Video Diffusion.  Rob Davis of OgilvyOne, Jason Cesare and Devra Prywes (who contributed a post this week) of Unruly, and Greg Jarboe.  Figuring out the triggers that make viewers share video is an amazing thing Unruly does.  Rob Davis of OgilvyOne, which was the agency behind the “Dove: Real Beauty Sketches” shared a video from IBM called “Touch: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM” that scored high in the category of “knowledge:”

It just goes to show that “hilarity” isn’t the only thing that gets people sharing, even though it’s the kind of category content creators shoot for all the time.

12:15 PM Revision3, with CEO Jim Louderback in tow, is about to shoot a live episode of one of their shows, downLOADED.  This should be interesting.

11:05 AM.  Beyond Awareness to Advocacy – Optimizing Video Throughout the Customer Lifecycle.  Stuart Barnes of Brightcove, Rob Ciampa of Pixability, who gave us a post for the Summit, Tony Kyberd of SundaySky, and Linda Crowe of Oracle talked about optimizing the video from the time you’re targeting a customer to making them brand loyalists.  One question Linda asked in her presentation is a good one: How do I get people watching these videos on my own website?  The main reason for wanting people to interact on your site rather than a third-party site is that it’s easier to work with your personal analytics (or trusted firm measuring those analytics).  Diversifying where your videos can be seen is a good practice for a number of reasons, chiefly, you’re not reliant on one site for the returns on video.  With your own website, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

10:10 AM. Reel Case Studies: The Anatomy of Successful Video Marketing.  Jason Thibeault of Limelight, who provided us a post earlier this week talked about optometric website producer EyeMotion and their success with video–how 75 percent of their customers buy packages that include video, which is used to explain diagnoses.  Jen Grogono, who also provided us with a post, discussed the 5 “P’s” as it related to Hilah Cooking.  And Chris Vasquez of Poptent talked about Famous Footwear and how they created content using their crowdsourcing model.  Famous Footwear went with the idea of finding an emotional topic to base their content on, independent of selling shoes.  They chose Mother’s Day, and this was the video they released:

9:05 AM: Creative Storytelling for Brands: Content Strategies that Resonate.  “Don’t be boring,” was what Salesforce’s Clayton Taimon de l’Armee said.  In this panel featuring l’Armee, Chris Gorell Barnes of Adjust Your Set, Zach Blume (Portal A), Peter Caban (Mekanism), and moderated by CJ Bruce of New Antics, the general vibe was allowing creativity to unfold without the hindrances of focus groups, and ideally, finding a client that is open to edginess and trying things creatively.  So how do you figure out whether something is going to be good?  Caban says at Mekanism, the social media people are intertwined with the creative team, and they can figure out pretty quickly whether something is going to be a hit or not.

Once again, an emphasis on stories rather than advertising.  I loved what Caban said about focus groups: they don’t use them because they water down the final product.  You can’t really expect to do anything creative if a bunch of people are shaping the content for you.

8:15 AM: Suzie Reider of Google was our keynote speaker at today’s Summit.  She told the crowd that we are now in the “Participation Age.”  In the world of online video, we need to create content that will be shared, and for brands, that means less advertising and more content creation.  The group recognized by Google as “Gen C” wants instant gratification, and they’re always looking to their social media feeds for updates.  Much like Tim Schmoyer said in his Creator Tip video yesterday, it’s important for brands to not only create content, but participate in steering the conversation as well.

More as we move along during the day!


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