New Media Expo Keynote to ‘Invent the Future’ with Live Web Series Debut

New Media Expo Keynote to ‘Invent the Future’ with Live Web Series Debut

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Earlier this week we wrote about the fact that Blogworld Expo has rebranded to the New Media Expo for 2013 and has dedicated a major focus towards video with a new web tv and video track. In addition to that, for the Las Vegas NMX in a few weeks, they’ve teamed up with Robert Tercek to bring a closing keynote address where they’re going to film the debut episode of his new web series, Inventing the Future.  It is being touted as the first time that a keynote address for a major conference has doubled as a live television show.

The New Media Expo (NMX) 2013 is a conference and trade show for bloggers, podcasters, web TV & video series creators and it takes place in Las Vegas in a couple weeks, on January 6-8, 20130. This will be a great event to network and lean from others in the new media space and because ReelSEO is a proud media partner for NMX 2013, we’re able to offer you a discount for the show.

A Look Into “Inventing the Future” Web Series

Here’s a preview of Inventing the Future:

I think we can see what kind of show this will be: giving us the idea of where technology is now and what it could become.  Inventing the Future has a few “insights” into what kind of show we’ll be seeing.

Like, for instance, robots:

Or synthetic biofuel:

So what we’ll probably be seeing is a lot of live introductions of pre-filmed segments that will give us a better understanding of technology today.  That sounds really cool, and it’s being pulled off as the final keynote to the New Media Expo event.  It will also employ a mixture of live experimental and social media interaction.

Tercek says:

Robert-Tercek-e1355776095967Think of it more like an example of what comes next after TV.  It’s a show that is designed, from the ground up, to incorporate social media, gaming, and live interactive features that will give the audience a meaningful way to participate.

BlogWorld CEO Rick Calvert says:

We’re so honored that Inventing the Future has selected New Media Expo and BusinessNext Social for its premiere episode.  This a great example of what our conferences are all about: the marriage of new media content and digital commerce to create a rich, interactive entertainment experience for audiences and marketers that want to reach a highly engaged audience.

So this should be interesting.  This show has a lot of balls in the air, and it should be fun to watch them try to juggle them all.

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Because ReelSEO is a proud media sponsor for the event, we’ve got a discount code for you to save on attendance! Go sign up for the New Media Expo and you’ll get 10% off the cost with discount code VID10.



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