New iPad Owners Want More Bandwidth for Mobile Video

New iPad Owners Want More Bandwidth for Mobile Video

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There are more changes happening at YouTube (surprise! surprise!) and this time it revolves around the new embed player, which we’ve discussed here at ReelSEO previously, and new ways YouTube is integrating it’s editing tools directly into your video manager. Also, we look at how the new iPad (third generation) is influencing how people consume online video.

New YouTube Embed Player Features & Editor Tools to Fix Videos

Starting with the YouTube news, the embed player now has built-in features for sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. It also lets people see the description text about the video, offers a subscribe button, displays some channel information, and more. The other thing YouTube recently changes is that they now offer an, “Improve this video,”link under any of your videos that it thinks it can help stabilize, offer color correction, or anything else. I haven’t yet used this feature, though, and am wondering if any of you who have used it think it’s useful or not.

iPad Owners: “We Need More Bandwidth for Video Consumption”

With the release of the new iPad and it’s 4G capability, video consumption is going up and thus data usage is as well. So much so, in fact, that some people feel they just can’t afford to watch online video on their iPads anymore. In today’s episode we talk a little bit about what that means for us as content creators and ideas Verizon and AT&T have for addressing it.


Are YouTube’s suggested improvement tools worth using?Here’s some links to the items we mentioned in this week’s episode.


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