New Instructional Video Sharing Site – MonkeySee

New Instructional Video Sharing Site – MonkeySee

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MonkeySee, a brand new video sharing website featuring how-to instructional videos launched today. MonkeySee was created and founded by Greg Letourneau, former director of product marketing and strategy for video encoding supplier Anystream, and entrepreneur Will Jerro.

Not only does this site allow users to upload and share how-to videos, but there are programs in place to create “experts” within the user community. In order to become an expert , you are required to create a video which meets their guidelines for submission. As a MonkeySee Expert, you will have your videos accessible from the homepage and they will also make your videos accessible within one of the main categories. Experts also receive a personal channel page where the videos are showcased. They allow you to provide additional details about you and your business, and display contact information including phone numbers, email, and direct links to your own website.

They also have a “Featured Expert” program that gives content providers a premium position on the site in return for adhering to their professional production and formatting standards. In addition, if you do not have video equipment, they provide you with a list of freelance video professionals that can shot your how-to video for you and will adhere to the guidlines. Benefits of this program include premium placement on the homepage, expanded bio and profile information, and more.

In order to have a site, ready, and complete for launch, MonkeySee amassed more than 4,000 videos. With inexpensive Sony HDV high-definition cameras, they are shooting thousands of videos with experts that they have found and contacted through hobby and social networking sites. In addition, they have It is also solicited videos from aspiring producers and filmmakers. According to their site, more than 1,000 have signed up already since the program started just a month ago.

“We’re reaching out practically everywhere,” said Letourneau, CEO of Knowlera.

Videos are shown in 16:9 widescreen format and encoding at an average bit rate of about 500 kilobits per second using Anystream software.

Monkey see is completely free and will soon offer the ability for users to download their videos as well as the ability to watch videos in multiple languages.


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