Clipblast = Remote Control for The Video Web

Clipblast = Remote Control for The Video Web

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As you may have seen on our site on Nov. 26th , appeared to have undergone a complete redesign, incorporating a much cleaner, web 2.0 feel and AJAX functionality. This redesign was officially launched earlier this week on Monday, Dec. 3rd.

clipblast homepage zenith

I had the pleasure of speaking this past weekend with Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast!, where he walked me through a demonstration of the new features.

Aside from the much cleaner look of the site, there are also numerous enhancements to highlight in particular. As Gary explained to me, there were really 3 main areas of concentration with regard to the objectives for this redesign.

  1. Video Discovery Improvements
  2. User Experience & Personalization
  3. Advertising & Distribution

Video Discovery (search & browsing) Improvements:
ClipBlast has taken the next step to integrate and provide value to providers, personal users, and advertisers. As Gary explained to me, the desire with ClipBlast! V3.0, is to create a video search engine that enables users to

“Whimsically be able to discover, browse, and watch video.”

ClipBlast, the largest video search engine in terms of indexed professional video content, has spent the better part of the last 3 years working to build an index of more than 10,000 video providers and millions of video clips. Gary explained that for the most part, many users who perform search queries are often not looking for a particular content item; rather they are looking for video results that match their interest and query.Therefore, with thousands of video providers and millions of video clips, search becomes more about organization and simplification for the user. Search also needs to include direction as to where users can discover additional content related to their query. As a result, ClipBlast has integrated crucial browsing functionality in order to provide an additional discovery component to video search.

Search results can be formatted by users and enhancements include results filters for category and providers, related searches, saved searches, saved clips, etc… In addition, enhancements have been made to metadata processing through utilization of third party technologies including speech-text recognition.

clipblast video search results page

User Experience and Personalization:
Following the theme of making video discovery more simple and organized, ClipBlast made several enhancements to to user experience in addition to the searching & browsing enhancements mentioned previously.

One particular enhancement is the addition of personalization where users can personalize their video search experience. Users now have the ability to configure a personal home page, create email clip alerts for new videos matching saved search criteria, and a host of other functions for personalizing the video search experience. In addition, with personalization, users can sync favorites, playlists, and saved searches with the video desktop widget.

clipblast personalization

In a previous conversation with the CEO of ClipBlast!, Gary Baker discussed with me how the future of video consumption is indifferent in terms of the platform for delivery. In other words, consumers overall desire is to access and view visual multimedia content on their computers….. With that in mind, ClipBlast has developed a widget strategy and announced back in September the launch of the first video search widget for the desktop.

“Finally, Video Web viewers will have an easy way to find, watch and personalize the kinds of video content they’re really looking for, and Web content providers can enrich their current offerings with a lightweight, incredibly powerful application that they can brand and customize.” – said Gary Baker, ClipBlast! founder and CEO.

The desktop video widget (screenshot below) gives users the ability to access the entire video web, share video, and play video from the desktop. It is currently available for Mac OS (10.4.x & 10.5.x) and will be made available in the near future for Windows XP/Vista. Click here to download this widget or sign up to be notified when the windows compatible version is available.

desktop widget video search

Advertising and Distribution:

AdvertisingAs you can see from the homepage screenshot, a new 300 x 250 IMU – (Medium Rectangle) banner has been added to the right hand side of the page. Ads are contextually relevant and users can navigate through matching adds using the navigation at the top right hand side of this position. The same engine that indexes and serves video also pulls contextually relevant video ads from ad networks.

clipblast video search advertising

Distribution Gary explained that their distribution strategy designed to position ClipBlast as a reliable and trustworthy distribution platform for video providers. In addition to pursuing video network partnerships and opportunities, ClipBlast currently offers several methods for video distribution.

  • Widgets – Widgets allow producers to distribute video to users on their desktop and additional widgets will be released in the future. Right now they are working ESPN, MySpace, Showtime, Fox, CBS, and other indie producers for branded video widgets.
  • API – Webmasters can utilize the API to search, serve, and customize video results from the index.
  • Video Search Enabled Sites – You can now add a video search module to your web site or blog with a simple html iFrame copy & paste. More information here.
  • 1-Click Subscribe – Content providers can now embed code from Clipblast to enable users on the provider’s site to subscribe to the video channel with abranded subscription button. More information here.

Other Enhancements:

  • Browsing – Browse 70 different categories, with easy scrolling thumbnails, featured clips, featured partners and today’s most popular searches.
  • Real-time live streaming video module – Graphical view of clips being released in real time as seen on the right of the main search toolbar.

live streaming on clipblast video search engine

“ClipBlast! continues to see an onslaught of video coming around the world in real-time and an increased focus by media companies with regard to production of live streaming video.” – Said Gary Baker.

  • Provider Directory – Users can get directly to video content providers from the provider directory. This feature is not available on any other video search engine that I am aware of.

Congratulations to ClipBlast for a successful relaunch and thank you to Gary Baker for taking the time to share with users the exciting enhancements with ClipBlast! V3.0 video search.


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