New Ad Formats From YuMe Offer Interactivity, Customization, Compatibility

New Ad Formats From YuMe Offer Interactivity, Customization, Compatibility

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I sat down and chatted with Scot McLernon (sorry for the surname error Scot), Chief Revenue Officer with YuMe, about the new list of options they’ve recently made available for online video advertisers. The new YuMe Ads include three distinct category ad offerings with interactivity and standardized cross-platform compatibility and show off a little innovation.

YuMe Pre-Roll

While pre-roll itself is not new, the new YuMe offering enhances traditional pre-roll and supports up to three interactivity options, from a rich set of options, with zero turnaround time and no pricing surcharge. Optional interactions include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Special Offers, and Store/Dealer Locator and more.

This is by far the easiest and fastet, more affordable to market offering they have with no incremental fee. In a matter of hours an advertiser could get call-to-action buttons on a pre-roll. All of the interaction is in the form of an interactive overlay.


Another quick to market ad option from YuMe for advanced mix-and-match capability which builds off existing pre-roll video and offers support for special in-player web API integrations (Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc.).

Scott told me they have had over 700 runs in the last few years. This offers cross-platform capabilities as anything can happen inside the video player like integration with Twitter an YouTube. These can also do companion ads  in the player that sync with the video ads. Things can move back and forth from pre-roll to companion ad giving a more expansive experience.

These are built from a set of 13 templates that are pre-made for specific campaign objectives like video views, social engagement, brand engagement, etc. They are fast to market and able to be combined as two units can be combined into a new experience. They could also have more rich data applications as they could have a data feed that works into the mix.


Built to order signature ad units with massive in-player interaction and flexibility around branding. Also supports special in-player web API integrations. These are all about taking client’s assets and working to build out something that manipulates the player itself.

For example, American Express has merchant’s Saturday where spending $26 will get you $25 off an item if you use our AMEX card. So they need to do a consumer awareness campaign as well as what merchants are involved which means consumers can put in their zip code and get a list of local merchants that are participating. This offering is for when the brand wants a very specific, unique experience and they can build a microsite into the player, customize features etc. It is basically the full boatload of options. If there’s a way for it to be done, it can be.

Other Features

There are a few other things that YuMe is supporting that Scott wanted to point out to me as well. Ad selector ASQ is also able to be supported in all the offerings as is Lights Out. Once the video starts to play the rest of the site is dimmed out right from the beginning of the pre-roll. This is a standard option in a lot of video players and YuMe is extending it to the pre-roll ads as well. HTML5 compatibility is in place already so its all future proof.  To get all the functionality a publisher uses the platform or can embed SDK modules into their existing video player.

Everything except connected TV has cross-compatible creation process. C-TV has a bit different process because of differeneces in the manufacturers, as some have widgets, some apps and others just channels.

Benefits to Publisher/ Website Owner

The main benefit is higher CPMs and higher sell through rates. That means fatter revenue channels and more capital to create more content and get the whole ball rolling in the right direction.

Benefits to Advertisers/Brands

It all becomes more attractive and interactive. So the agency/brand see better results and quicker to market solutions. All metrics are said to see a rise including message/brand recall, purchase intent, brand favorability. Completion rates are significantly higher on many campaigns as well.

What Makes YuMe Different?

YuMe is only ad network who offers ad visibility guarantee. If video player is in view in the monitor frame (viewport). If the video player is not in the area that is seen the ad is not played. Pauses ad until it scrolls into everything above the fold, user initiated, in view, etc.

YuMe has already been offering a guaranteed audience because it’s what the industry should be doing according to Scott and I concur. He mentioned that they are even willing to go as far as offering up a completion rate guarantee.

How’s that for confidence in the product?

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