Reel Cord-Cutting News: Netflix, Boxee, Hulu Gets Criterion & Miramax Goes Global

Reel Cord-Cutting News: Netflix, Boxee, Hulu Gets Criterion & Miramax Goes Global

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I generally do a weekend news round up. But within the last 12 hours I saw some cool stuff that all piled up together and was related so, here’s a set of news Reel Quick. It has to do with Netflix and competition, Boxee and Netflix and Miramax, Lionsgate and StudioCanal ganging up…with YouTube?

Netflix Expects Competition Says Fast Company

Netflix knows that competition is coming in its online streaming video business area, so it’s working hard on making sure that it’s ready to fend off the likes of Amazon, Hulu, HBO and Warner. Here’s part of the Fast Company article: How Netflix Plans to Fend Off Amazon, Hulu Plus, HBO, and Time Warner

“There will be at some point–Netflix won’t run without pure competition for long,” Steve Swasey, VP of corporate communications says. “Right now, there are three models, and Netflix is running uniquely with the subscription model.”

The other two models, he explains, are the pay-per-view model, which is “the Amazons and Apples and Blockbusters,” and freemium, ad-supported model, such as Hulu–not Hulu Plus–and YouTube.

Good luck Netflix!

Mirimax Partners to Distribute >500 Titles

As if on cue, Miramax, LionsGate and StudioCanal inked a major online distribution deal according to Variety:

Miramax has partnered with Lionsgate and StudioCanal to distribute more than 550 Miramax titles on home entertainment platforms worldwide. The multi-year partnership, announced Friday, covers titles such as “Pulp Fiction,” “The English Patient,” “Chicago” and “Good Will Hunting” for release on Blu-ray, DVD, EST, Internet VOD and cable VOD internationally.

For Lionsgate, the partnership adds a number of highly recognizable titles to its library, which contains more than 13,000 films and TV episodes including the Tyler Perry comedies as well as such pics as “Basic Instinct,” “Crash” and “Precious.” The minimajor attempted unsuccessfully last year to merge with MGM in a deal that would have added some 4,000 titles from the MGM library.

Well they didn’t say they were going against Netflix so maybe they’ll be able to wheel and deal. There are some rumors that the films will go to YouTube. Netflix could probably just outright buy Miramax as Disney is also rumored to be willing to part with it for just $700M. That’s like $1M per film actually.

Speaking of films, and competition for Netflix:

Criterion Collection joins Hulu Plus

From the blog:

…we’ve added the Criterion Collection exclusively to our Hulu Plus service today. Criterion has digital streaming rights to over 800 of the films in their library, from a who’s who roster of directors: Antonioni, Bergman, Bresson, Bunuel, Chabrol, Chaplin, Clouzot, Cocteau, Dreyer, Eisenstein, Fassbinder, Fellini, Godard, Kaurismaki, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Lang, Malle, Ozu, Renoir, Tati, Truffaut, Varda, and Welles, to name two handfuls. We’re launching with over 150 Criterion movies today, and we’ll be adding more titles each month. Among the launch list today are so many acknowledged classics: The 400 BlowsL’AvventuraThe Battle of AlgiersBreathlessLa JetéeJules and JimMPickpocket,PlaytimeRashomonSeven SamuraiLa Strada, and The Wages of Fear

Damn! That is some competition. Netflix better think again about that Miramax purchase.

Hey, speaking of Netflix and Boxee, this is for Pedro:

Boxee Announced Netflix Support

From the Boxee Blog:

We are happy to announce that TV shows and movies streaming instantly fromNetflix are now available on the Boxee Box by D-Link in the US and Canada.

Netflix support was the most common request we had on our blog comments, forum posts, tweets, etc.  We heard you loud and clear. We were bummed that we could not make it happen earlier, but are very excited to have it out today.

To instantly watch movies streaming Netflix on your Boxee Box, you’ll need to update the software on your Box – it will update automatically to the new version ( within the next 24hrs or you can manually check for the update by going to Settings>System>Update.

So that’s another feather in the Boxee cap, or maybe, the Netflix cap?

This of course just after Boxee Announced VUDU availability as well. So run over and update your Boxee’s while I go update my big comparison article.


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