NASA to Turbocharge Google+ Hangout from Space

NASA to Turbocharge Google+ Hangout from Space

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NASA has been really cool about giving us videos of outer space and missions and knowledge from their scientists via YouTube.  And now, they’re going to hold their first ever Google+ Hangout from space, where people who watch will be able to fire questions (see submission guidelines) at the astronauts living on the International Space Station on Friday, February 22.  Space is awesome, and talking to a real, live astronaut in space is yet another Great Moment in Video History, something that seemingly happens every week in the world of video.  Hat tip, Ed Carrasco at New Media Rockstars.

NASA’s Google+ Hangout

The reach of Google+ Hangouts is in fine form here.  It’s a great way to get a bunch of people “gathered” and not have to rent an expensive meeting place and charge ticket prices.  If you want to join the Hangout, all you gotta do is go here and click “yes.” Or, you can just go to the NASA YouTube channel.

During the Hangout, lucky questions will be asked of astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield, and Tom Marshburn about life on the statiom, experiments they conduct, and how they have to approach everyday activities with the consideration of what weightlessness for 6 months will do to a human body.  In addition to the chosen questions, followers on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ will get to ask real-time questions.

Here’s Hadfield talking to William Shatner from the ISS in a video published just yesterday:

Should be fun!


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