REVIEW: MyMusic Show – ReelSEO Reacts to The Fine Bros’ Latest Web Sitcom

REVIEW: MyMusic Show – ReelSEO Reacts to The Fine Bros’ Latest Web Sitcom

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MYMUSIC SHOW airs on Sundays at MyMusic on YouTube.

BOTTOM LINE: YouTube veterans The Fine Bros have created the first true 21st century sitcom. It’s hilariously clever, consistent and built for social audiences.

MyMusic Show: Web Series Synopsis

MyMusic Show is a mockumentary sitcom created by Benny and Rafi Fine (creators of the wildly popular “Kids React” series) follows a music production company and it’s roster of wacky employees. Each employee behaves and is named like their favorite music genre: Indie, Idol, Metal, Hip Hop, Techno & Dubstep, and Scene & Intern 2.

The season follows the re-birth of MyMusic and their YouTube channel (like I sad, mockumentary). Individual episodes deliver broad office comedy: Indie turning conformist, Idol claiming she invented the “duck face”, Metal’s daughter comes to work, guest appearances by the Devil, gothic rock stars and of course, office romances. At it’s core, MyMusic is about the deep differences of the employees finding temporary common ground.

The series is created for teenagers but it frequently ventures into territory off limits for Nickelodeon and Disney with mild sex and drug references, and the occasional verbal and visual censor. It’s The Office meets Mickey Mouse Club with the manic energy of Spongebob Square Pants.

What does this add up to? A perfect sitcom for the YouTube generation.

Content Presentation

MyMusic Show describes itself as the first “transmedia” sitcom. Buzzword translation: It’s socially integrated with it’s audience and uses the mockumentary genre to blur reality. All the characters have their own social media accounts. The productions they make within the sitcom are actually released later in the week on the YouTube channel. This is where MyMusic excels and finds new interactive ground somewhere between cable sitcoms and typical YouTube fare.

The Fine Bros have devised a simple and deliciously genius concept. Because the characters are all archetypes of music genres it’s easy for audiences to relate immediately. You know everything you need to know about characters based on their names. The sitcom formula also allows audiences to jump in anytime. The show gives audiences a low barrier to entry with plenty of content and engagement to keep them tuned in.

The tone is also pitch perfect. It’s juvenile, charming, obnoxious and smart all at once. Mature jokes work their way into “after school special” plot lines. Reality is discarded with appearances by Sasquatch, a real “camera guy” and the ironic scarf mannequin. This is a fantasy sitcom. Not a funny people with real relationships sitcom.

The show itself is lean. Every episode has a simple premise and incorporates nearly all the characters without feeling bloated and short on time. Minor plot lines are typically wrapped in a couple episodes and guest appearances like Felicia Day and Tobuscus keep things consistently fresh.

Series Production Value

MyMusic isn’t the best looking web series but it works with the genre. Sitcom sets are usually ticky-tacky, camera and lighting are unremarkable and acting is over-the-top. MyMusic is no exception.

The computer generated exterior shot of the MyMusic building looks like a render from Thomas, The Tank Engine. The overall production design is vibrant and very “Disney”, but it’s often hidden behind the camera department’s overuse of glow (think daytime soap opera). These short-comings actually provide a kitchy sitcom flavor that works.

The acting will divide audiences. Remember, this is a show for teenagers but it still manages to charm adults the same way Spongebob charmed them. For every annoying character outburst there are three extremely smart and truly hilarious scenes. The strongest characters are grungy Metal (Jarett Sleeper), hipster boss Indie (Adam Busch), conformist social media guru Idol (Grace Helbig of MyDamnChannel’s Daily Grace) and uptight fish-out-of-water Intern 2 (Jack Douglass of YouTube’s Jacksfilms). Additional characters are more annoying but still find ways to charm like Dub-Step only speaking in beatbox.

Video Box Office (Marketing & Audience Development)

If the recent YouTube Premium Channel investment is any indication, audience development is key –  and no show understands its audience better than MyMusic. The masterful use of annotations and more content viewing and frequent reminders about the programming schedule. Audiences are always pressed to contact the creators via social media, leaving them voice mails or sending fan mail. The show goes as far as promising fans they will always receive a response. Expect consistent growth of a dedicated audience.

Sitcom episodes average 380,000 views with high engagement and no doubt long viewing times. Merchandise is prevalent throughout the channel and the new merchant annotations should help additional revenues here.  YouTube should be excited about the potential of this property. I am.

MyMusic Show – Web Series Review Grade = A

Webseries Review Key Points:
+ Clever premise, smart writing
+ Addictive programming
+ Completely in tune with the audience
 “Scene” is the most annoying character since those Oranges and Fred

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