Multi-Admin User Capabilities Finally Coming to YouTube with Google+ Page Integration?

Multi-Admin User Capabilities Finally Coming to YouTube with Google+ Page Integration?

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Over the summer YouTube made it possible to associate your Google+ profile with your YouTube account, using your real name instead of some anonymous handle.  This obviously would be awesome for some, and not-so-awesome for others, and you’ve probably seen a prompt over the past few months that asked you if you wanted to merge your profile and account.  But in the coming weeks, people will finally be able to associate the channel with a Google+ page, which will allow users to use their YouTube account name as their Google identity.

Google+ Pages will Have YouTube Channel Integration

Die hard Google+ users have been looking for complete YouTube integration for a long time, and well, YouTube and Google are huge places and they can’t do everything on demand, which in our world is alien to us.  But they eventually do get around to some of these things and “always in motion, is Google.”

The ability to merge your Google+ profile with YouTube gives you the opportunity to use Hangouts on Air and take advantage of some social features.  The Google+ page is supposed to give the same kind of social features, only without your exact page name being used.  A channel identity becomes the Google identity, and with a page, you can set it up so that up to 50 people can manage one single Google+ page, which will allow you as “Owner” to provide access to trusted associates (Managers) to post things on the page without giving out your personal login.  Or if you want, one person can control up to 50 Google+ pages.  I guess…just because.  If you run 50 Google+ pages, I’m not sure you’re sane.

Multiple Admin User Management for YouTube Channels?

But this multi-user page management appears to translate to YouTube channels as well:

And yes, the advanced Google+ page management features that enable up to 50 people manage a single Google+ page, or a single person to manage up to 50 Google+ pages, will also work for channels that are linked with Google+ pages.

Let’s hope that means what it sounds like, namely that we’ll be able to allow multiple admin users (configured in our Google+ Page) to have access to a single YouTube account.  Right now, allowing collaborators access to YouTube means giving them your password credentials which is clearly not ideal.

Let’s turn to our Google+/YouTube expert, friend, and frequent commenter Ronnie Bincer, who wonders aloud on the YouTube Creator Blog:

This will be a great thing for branded YT Channels to link to G+ Pages instead of Profiles. However Pages still are nowhere as capable as a Profile… and have many problems when running Hangouts on Air. Will the HOA issues for Pages be worked out at the same time? i.e. use of hangout apps for Pages tends not to work right now.

And, Ronnie, I think we all know the answer to that question.  Probably not as we’d like, and it might take forever to iron out all the kinks.  Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything and it’ll work like gangbusters when it’s implemented.

One thing that I like about the merging of the accounts is that it helps “brand” your channel with a social media outlet, so interacting with fans becomes easier.  It also can help with SEO, as your Google integration will help people find you in the world of Google search better.  And with a page, more importantly, you don’t have to plaster your real name everywhere and can “stay in character.”


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