Mountain Dew, PepsiCo Pull Horribly Offensive Ad After Criticism

Mountain Dew, PepsiCo Pull Horribly Offensive Ad After Criticism

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What the hell is wrong with some advertising executives? Just days after Hyundai removed their latest video ad, PepsiCo, the company behind Mountain Dew is pulling its latest commercial for the soft drink after complaints about its racist and sexist content. The ad, ‘Mountain Dew Commercial Part 3’, shows a very badly beaten and visibly traumatised woman (white) try and pick her attacker out of a police line up of suspects (all black) whilst being goaded and threatened with further physical/sexual violence by a goat. I know right, try and contain your laughter. This is a commercial for soda, by the way. Soda.

PepsiCo Inc have apologized and have said that it understood how the ad could be offensive. A spokeswoman for the company, said

“they were alerted on Tuesday by its consumer relations team that some people found the ad offensive. The company immediately decided to take down the spot and was told by Tyler that he would remove it from his YouTube channel as well”

Developed by Tyler the Creator as part of a series, Dr. Boyce Watkins has called the ad, “arguably the most racist commercial in history”. It has disappeared from the Mountain Dew YouTube account but can still be found elsewhere online…..

mountain dew line up witness

mountain dew line up


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