More Love For Mother’s Day Videos on Facebook Than YouTube

More Love For Mother’s Day Videos on Facebook Than YouTube

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According to a new report from the National Retail Association, Americans will spend a record $21 billion on Mother’s Day this year, a 6.6% rise from last year’s $19.9 billion. Consumers are prepared to splash out around $173 per head on cards, flowers, jewelery, clothes, books, days out, or a special meal for their mom, making it one of the most important annual events for brands, retailers – and of course video marketers.

Along with an increase in spend, there’s also been an increase in video views for content related to “Mother’s Day.” Views of Mother’s Day videos on YouTube has increased more than 123% since 2010, to just over 127 million views in 2014 – according to exclusive data from Tubular Labs, .

But it is Facebook that has shown the most growth in the past 17 months. Between Jan 2014 and December 2014, there were just 215K views of ‘Mother’s Day’ related videos uploaded to the social site. But between 1st Jan 2015 and May 8th 2015, this figure has already hit an incredible 63.1 million, compared to 40.2 million for YouTube.

mothers day video uploads 2015 youtube and facebook
Views relating to ‘Mother’s Day’ content for videos uploaded to Facebook and YouTube between 02/08/15 and 05/08/15. (Data via Tubular Labs)

Views of Mother’s Day video content on Facebook in 2015 have far surpassed those of YouTube, even though significantly less videos have been uploaded. We can almost certainly attribute this to Facebook’s autoplay feature, which counts a video as being viewed after 3 seconds, even if the user scrolls past it in their News Feeds without ever intending to actually watch it. Of course, now that YouTube has also implemented Autoplay, the numbers may be very different this time next year.

Mother’s Day & On-line Video: A Year-Long Opportunity

In the last 90 days alone, there have been over 107.8 Million views of ‘Mother’s Day’ content across the major video platforms like Facebook, Vine and YouTube, compared to 78.8 million for the same period in 2014. That’s an increase of almost 37% year-on-year!

Although the majority of views for Mother’s Day content on YouTube are generated between April and May, a look at the data for 2014 shows that interest isn’t the topic isn’t restricted to those two months. In fact, out of the 127 Million views this topic got last year, around 20 million occurred in the other 10 months, and that’s a huge opportunity for brands to keep the conversation going all year round!

As with all major retail holidays, consumers are turning to video to source ideas about gifts, ideas, recipes for that a special breakfast, and other topics relating to Mother’s Day. Using exclusive data provided by Tubular Labs, we take a look at some of the video marketing strategies and trends that are winning with consumers, along with the Mother’s Day videos that performing really well on the big video platforms this year:

Top 6 Mother’s Day Videos  Uploaded to Facebook & YouTube

Of the 107.8 million videos uploaded to the major video platforms in the past 90 days (Jan 1st – May 8th 2015 (by Views), these 6 generated the most views. Interestingly, considering the dominance of user-generated content across most verticals, 5 out of the 6 belong to brands.

The #1 most popular video was uploaded to Facebook by Australian radio station Fox FM. It appears to be original content (not always the case when it comes to Facebook) and although it has been optimized for Mother’s Day, a quick change of title could bring in the views for months or even years to come.

At #3 and #4, Tech company Nextel Brasil, and Lojas Renner, one of Brazil’s largest department stores, have generated 6.7 million views between them for a couple of very heartwarming clips. However, given the relatively low amount of engagement both received, paid promotion is undoubtedly to thank for the high view counts.

top mother day videos uploaded 2015
Top 6 most popular videos related to ‘Mother’s Day’ between 02/08/15 and 05/08/15. All data courtesy of Tubular Labs.

Brand vs Brand: The Best Mother’s Day Videos 2015

Mother’s Day is a gift to brands when it comes to content marketing, and not just for the obvious companies like 1800Flowers, or Hersheys.

Knorr, UNICEF, M&S, and Fisher-Price are just some of the big-name brands that have published mom-friendly content in the past couple of months, and 4 out of 5 of YouTube’s top video ads for April 2015 targeted moms, and women, in general. We took a look at 3 of our favorites from 2015:

Pandora: The Unique Connection

When it comes to jewelry, Pandora is a pretty safe choice for a mother of any age. The pieces are pretty affordable, build up into a nice collection, and children can choose from a huge range of what seems like a billion different charms. To promote its new ‘Unique Collection’, Pandora published this heartstring-pulling clip of kids identifying their own mothers by touch alone.

Although the ad does feature the mom’s wearing jewelry from (presumably) the collection, the product itself isn’t overtly pushed at all. This is content marketing, but the content is one of emotion, not of a bracelet or pendant.

According to Tubular, the video has generated over 15 million views and 221K engagements on YouTube. The brand uploaded the clip to Facebook on the 15th April 2015, and to date it has attracted 18.3 million views, 247K likes, and has been shared 582K times.

Teleflora: Unforgettable Mother’s Day Delivery

Unless she is hideously allergic to them, a bunch of her favorite flowers is always a welcome treat for your mom or grandmom on the 2nd Sunday in May. Florists are busy all year round of course, but events like Valentines and Mother’s Day bring fresh opportunities to sell (and up sell) their products.

Teleflora aren’t particularly active when it comes to video marketing, but they have hit the spot this year with a delightful set of videos, where customers are surprised with deliveries from their own family members. Sure, they are super-cheesy, but they are also very engaging. The overall message from the campaign is flowers = love, so why wouldn’t you buy your mom a bunch, preferably purchased from Teleflora? I dare you to watch the following without tearing up just a little.

Jimmy Kimmel: What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel – along with Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and a whole host of late-night talk show presenters – keeps a very, very, close eye on what kind of TV content gets shared across social media. Long gone are the days where chat-show kings like Johnny Carson sat firmly behind their desks while their superstar guests parked themselves on a comfy chair and regaled us with amusing stories of celebrityhood. These days, the host, and the guests, have to go that extra mile to entertain, knowing full well that features such as ‘Lip Sync Battles‘ or ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets‘ can garner a huge amount of buzz for the show long after the episode aired.

Kimmel is a master in the art of viral, and consistently creates insanely compelling content around tent-pole events and current affairs. For Mother’s Day 2015, he enlisted a bunch of moms to confirm what they actually want to receive on their special day.

Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day video from this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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