Most Shared Video Ads of 2014: Soccer, First Kisses and Monty

Most Shared Video Ads of 2014: Soccer, First Kisses and Monty

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The FIFA 2014 World Cup was one of the biggest advertising opportunities the industry has ever seen, and ads created around the event dominate the chart of the 20 most shared videos ads of 2014. Of course, we have a few weeks left until the official end of the year, but it’s unlikely that they will be too much more competition.

A fifth of this year’s Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads, compiled by our friends at Unruly, were either World Cup or soccer-themed, or were created by sponsors of the event. Followers of viral video advertising will already know that “La La La (Brazil 2014)”, a collaboration between Activia and Shakira, is the most shared video ad of all time, so of course that ad it tops this particular chart too. Activia’s promotion (a classic example of one of the marketing trends of 2014, trackvertising) has generated 5,819,822 social shares across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere since it was uploaded in May 2014. To date, it has also attracted over 405 million views on YouTube, and enabled the World Food Programme to provide over nearly 4 million school meals with donations from Activia and Shakira.

Most Shared Video Ads of 2014: Soccer, First Kisses and Penguins

Another video trend of the year – prankvertising – pushed ‘Devil Baby Attack’ into second place on the most shared ads chart, with 2,153,236 social shares. Marketing agency Thinkmodo, the team behind the Devil Baby Attack, had already grabbed the public’s attention last year with Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise, but developed the prank on unsuspecting New Yorkers to great effect:

In 6th place is/was a relatively unknown brand outside of fashion circles – WREN. The ‘First Kiss’ video took the industry by storm, and showed how a small brand with limited resources could create one of the most talked-about marketing campaigns of the year. Just a month after release, ‘First Kiss’ had increased sales by 13,600%, and website traffic by by 14,000%

In 17th place, Christmas ad of the year (in the UK at least) is John Lewis’s ‘Monty the Penguin‘, a beautiful story of how dreams do come true, for little boys, and for their beloved toys. So far, the ad has generated over 770K shares across the social networks.

Unruly also confirmed that the speed of video sharing nearly doubled compared to 2013. 42% of social shares now occur in the first three days after the launch of a campaign, and more brands than ever are pushing their ads in this crucial time with paid advertising to help build momentum.

Here’s the full run down of the most shared video ads of 2014:

Unruly_Top 20 ads of 2014 chart_final


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