Monetize Your Video Content with New Vzaar Paywall Partnership

Monetize Your Video Content with New Vzaar Paywall Partnership

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Vzaar, the online video hosting service, is giving you a new way to monetize your content through a new partnership with MPP Global Solutions who is supplying them a paywall solution. Now you can use the Vzaar service for all your online video hosting and serving needs and throw up a paywall to monetize that premium video content either in addition to or in place of video ads.

If you ask me, I think I would rather have a paywall than video ads. However, it’s all about price versus perceived value. I like Hulu because it’s $8 and I get all the stuff I might miss with my over-the-air TV tuner DVR card in my PC. It works extremely well. Plus, if I get nostalgic, they have all that old stuff to watch for a night on the couch. That’s perceived value to me.

Since Vzaar is all about hosting video and not about taking payment for your content they needed to do a comic book-like team up and form a new super powered team with MPP. So who is this MPP Global anyway?

A little research showed they are a major online payment processor who are partnered with some other big online video names like Brightcove, Accedo Broadband and They also do payment processing for Philips Smart TVs, the Times Online and Playjam (a connected TV social gaming platform). So they know what they’re doing is what I’m getting at.

MPP the Gatekeeper

Now you can upload content to Vzaar and set it to private (if you changed the default) then, be sure to limit the videos to the domain you want them on.

Once you’ve got them all in place you can then head over to MPP Global Solutions and setup the ePayment page or paywall if you prefer. You can set it to be either pay-per-view or subscription-based and the pages are customizable.

The thing is, before you can even work with MPP Global Solutions, you need to contact them, get an account set up, and they’re most likely going to take a sizable cut of the monies you accumulate. It’s all very closed-loop in that there is zero information about any of it on the consumer-facing side of the website, zero transparency until you talk to them. That generally means it’s pricey and they only want to work with high volume sites that are going to generate large amounts of revenue. Just my personal feeling about it all, nothing against them per se, but when I see a site like that, it’s the first thing I think. They make you ask so they can find out whether you can afford it or not.

So while you can do it with Vzaar and MPP Global Solutions, there’s no clear path on how to do it and no guarantee that you’d qualify to even become an MPP Global Solutions client. This made me start thinking that I should do an article talking about all the ways you can monetize and a list of services to do just that for online video. So I’ll start doing some research on that. Since I’m a small business owner and I have some video projects in the works it’s something that would be partly for my own records as well.

So off I go, instead of further stealing thunder from this, I’ll go start that new article straightaway.


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