Mogulus Pro: Robust Live Streaming Video Platform for Professionals

Mogulus Pro: Robust Live Streaming Video Platform for Professionals

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Mogulus allows producers to stream live, linear and pre-recorded internet television anywhere on the web via their player widget.  As of a recent announcement, they now offer two versions, the Free, ad-supported version and the Pro version.

The Pro version was only recently announced and is a white-label, ad-free, pay version of the service. The difference between Mogulus and some other services is that they accept live broadcasts from any source including mobile phones, multiple cameras at the same time and they have a chat service incorporated in their browser. Essentially, they offer content producers an interactive video channel and production studio in one package.

Mogulus welcomes all levels of content from home-produced video blogs to high-quality, professionally developed shows. You can either stream the show via their site or you can embed their Flash-based widget in your own site and broadcast from there. The player is configurable and brandable so you can get your company logos and information into the player. They even support video-on-demand operations so that users can see pre-recorded shows as well as live ones.

The software allows you to use multiple cameras, and mix in clips in real-time as well as add graphics, and text to the video. It even lets you import from YouTube or from a Media RSS feed.

While Mogulus was free without ads they are on the way to changing that so they can charge for the Pro version of the service. But what does the Pro service really get you?

Here’s the list:

  • Remove Ads
    • All PRO channels will automatically have our network overlay ads removed, so you’re in full control of the user experience.
  • Make Money
    • Use supported ad networks to monetize your content by integrating overlay ads from ScanScout or Google AdSense for Video.
  • Analyze Stats
    • Detailed analytics on your PRO channels including statistics on viewer minutes, unique viewers, channel usage, content, embedded players, referrers, and more.
  • Privacy Options
    • Remove your channel from the Mogulus Program Guide and Mogulus Grid, and even restrict the websites that can embed your channel.
  • High-Quality Streaming
    • PRO channels can opt to broadcast HD-quality streams (up to 1.7 mbps) with On2 VP6 encoded media transcoded on our servers.
  • Wide-Screen Format
    • PRO channels can also customize format to broadcast in standard (4:3), wide-screen (16:9), or even cinema (2.39:1).
  • White Label Player
    • PRO channels can remove the Mogulus logo and all Mogulus-related links from the Player for completely self-branded user experience.
  • PRO Terms of Use & SLA
    • PRO channel owners retain all rights to their broadcast content, with very favorable terms, and a Service Level Agreement that gives you the guarantees you need.

Mogulus openly states that they are working on new features that will be incorporated into the Pro service in the future including scheduled programming, APIs and other possibilities for monetizing your content.

They offer two levels of Pro Service and are quite open about the pricing which is refreshing in an industry that often requires a phone call to tell you that it’s too much for you to afford.

PRO-1 ($350 per month)

  • 1 Pro Channel
  • 25 GB / mo storage included (overage at $1.50 / GB)
  • 25 GB / mo bandwidth included (overage at $1.50 / GB)

PRO-10 ($1,250 per month)

  • 10 Pro Channels
  • 200 GB / mo storage included (overage at $1.00 / GB)
  • 200 GB / mo bandwidth included (overage at $0.80 / GB)

The plans are the only two available right now but they are basing it on the number of channels you need and how much bandwidth and storage you’ll be using. One of the really cool things is that you can keep some channels free and have some Pro. You don’t have to convert everything you’ve got. This might also mean that you can switch Pro and Free channels from time to time.

What it means to you

Well if you’ve been looking for a robust streaming solution for your video you’ve now got a whole new option. Plus it seems that the product is quite robust with the multiple cameras, injected clips and graphics. In fact it sounds like they’re offering a full on production studio even to free users. If you’re an advertiser this might definitely be a new place to look into for your video ads. If you’re a content producer and you need an outlet for your creations then Mogulus might be a great place to check out.


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