Mobile Video IP Traffic To Surge 500% Through 2013

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So it seems that mobile video is becoming a driving force behind IP traffic. What does that mean exactly? Well it means that a lot of people are watching video on their mobiles through the data networks and Internet.
Video content is rapidly expanding into every nook and cranny of data networks and spreading from device to device with impunity. Mobile phones are getting stronger hardware, better, bigger displays, so it should be no surprise that video is making its way into the pockets of those on the go.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Forecast and Methodology report for 2008-2013, it’s going to be a major force in an explosion of IP-based traffic. In fact they state that it will be the fastest growing in the category and will be most likely due to multimedia conferencing on mobiles.

The report further states that they expect a 500% increase in traffic into 2013 to roughly 56 exabytes per month. Over 90% of that is believed to be online video of some sort including a major leap in instant messaging and video calls. Mobile data should expand twofold per year through 2013 and most of it will be video.

As more and more devices hit the market with larger displays and more power it’s obvious that video is going to continue to expand in both usage per person and amount that is available. With more companies beginning to offer flat rate mobile data plans more people will begin to think about and sign up for it meaning that mobile data and video will continue to grow.


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