Mobile Video To Double Up, Reach $1.34B By 2014

Mobile Video To Double Up, Reach $1.34B By 2014

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Remember some time back when Mark talked about the expectation that mobile video consumption would see some 500% growth by 2013? That should be roughly 56 exabytes per month, can you put a price on that Twinkie? We can!

eMarketer predicts that we’ll see a 30% growth in mobile video viewers this year and while it will only be 7.7% of the US population, 23,9 million, and less than 10% of mobile users, it will double by 2013 and continue an upward trend into 2014. After that the world ends in a massive Twinkie implosion, or their prognosticators can’t see any further, one of the two.

They also believe it will hit 21.5% of mobile users and 17.6% of the US population in 2014.

With far cooler mobile devices (Kin, Android, Galaxy) , larger screens (up to 4 inches) and more powerful processors (1Ghz CPUs with 512MB RAM) it’s no wonder that video on mobile devices is heading for the stratosphere. In fact, you might even get a better viewing experience from your mobile than you could from those flip down screens on some airplanes I imagine. Take all of that, add to it the fact that the pipes are getting bigger and better, faster mobile broadband is widely available and you’ve got a mobile video Molotov Cocktail (that’s the explosive kind, not the drinking kind).

BOOM Goes the Bank Account

With almost everyone getting in on the online video fun, there will certainly be no shortage of things to watch on all those ultra-cool, high-powered, large-screened mobile devices. And that all means money!

How much money?

$42.5 per second for every second in a year.

Alright, for those that are mathematically-challenged, it’s $1.34 billion dollars in 2014. But that’s cool right, $42.5 per second. I wish Mark paid me that here at ReelSEO, I could work a minute a day and be done.

From the chart there on the right (how come they don’t use any pretty colors?) you can see that the majority of the cash flow will be through subscriptions with smaller percentages coming from pay-per-view and ad-supported video.

"That is a big Twinkie." -Winston Zeddemore


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