TubeMogul Jumps Into Real-Time Bidding For Mobile Video Ads With Nexage

TubeMogul Jumps Into Real-Time Bidding For Mobile Video Ads With Nexage

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Early in the year I had an article series (2011 Video Advertising Trends Part I and Part II) with some big names online video ads looking to the future. Tod Sacerdoti (sup Tod) from Brightroll said it would be mobile, Iggy Fanlo of AdBrite believed real-time bidding was the future. Well today, they’re both right at Nexage and TubeMogul have teamed up to do, yep, you guessed it, real-time bidding on mobile video advertising.

Take the mobile video ad market and team it up with real-time bidding? It sounds like a massive win to me. Think about it, what single device does nearly everyone in the developed parts of the world carry with them practically 24/7 (unless your my mother who constantly loses or forgets to charge hers)?

Right! Mobile Phones! Or, more accurately these days, advanced mobile connected devices that also happen to make phone calls. I don’t want to say smartphones because I know a good portion of people who have connected mobile phones which aren’t smartphones.

So what better platform to have real-time bidding? Now, if it could be tied into, say, FourSquare, imagine the possibilities! Real-time, location-based, event-driven mobile video ad purchasing. Wouldn’t it be awesome to simply target say, a music festival in a certain town, with your ads when you have a presence at that festival or in that town? Doesn’t it make massive sense to see that say, 1,000 people just checked in at an event like that and be able to start pushing ads to them? Maybe it’s just me that sees the potential there and…damn, another idea given away for free. Someone should just hire me already as the idea guy, right?!

The NexTubeMogulAge Deal

Under the terms of the deal and resulting integration, clients of PlayTime, TubeMogul’s DSP for video, can now buy ad space across the Nexage RTB (real-time bidding) exchange, an integrated component of the Nexage Revenue Platform.

The Nexage Revenue Platform supports video ads using the VAST standard.  At the launch of this partnership, Nexage will support a range of ad formats, including in-stream, in-application interstitials, and in-display units.

VAST and VPAID adoption were another target for 2011 according to Chris Young from DBG, FYI.

“The placement of mobile video ads through RTB is an exciting step for this industry and affirms RTB’s role in supporting any and all advertising campaigns and ad types,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage.  “Video ads create a triad of value; better experiences for customers, better campaign results for advertisers, and premium eCPMs for publishers and app developers. We are very excited about our partnership with TubeMogul, as it enables both of us to further advance the mobile advertising market.”

The Future is Bright For Mobile and Real-Time

So it seems Tod, Iggy, Chris and myself were all right. A lot of the things we talked about in the 2011 Vidoe Ad Trends piece are coming to fruition and some are combining into wonderful new opportunities for video advertisers and marketers.

“Mobile devices present marketers with cutting edge opportunities to intimately connect someone with a brand,” said Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul. “We are proud to partner with Nexage to scale these efforts and help advertisers navigate these different media and quantify impact.”

I’m personally very happy that real-time bidding has continued to take off over the course of the year because I truly to believe that it is a major advantage over TV which doesn’t really offer you that kind of targetability. Since online video ads are the technologically advanced cousin of TV, it makes sense that they should offer more in the long run. However, it seems that some interactive TV advertising is making its way down the pipeline which might bridge the gap between the two, sort of like the missing link of its evolution, no?

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