Mobile Video Ad Impressions Up 35% In One Quarter, According To YuMe

Mobile Video Ad Impressions Up 35% In One Quarter, According To YuMe

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YuMe has released its video advertising metrics report for the third quarter of 2011, so I thought we’d take a look at the findings to see if we can put our finger on the latest online video ad trends. While pre-roll ads continue to be the most used format by advertisers, which is no surprise, the report shows a continued steady growth in mobile video ad impressions, with an increase of 35%.

Video Ad Formats

Let’s take a look at some of the basic findings of the YuMe report with regard to video ad formats:

YuMe found that pre-roll is still the dominant format for advertisers, making up over 90% of YuMe’s own ad volume in Q3 2011. This graph puts things into perspective fairly well on that front:

For the first time this year, 30-second ads took over the top spot from 15-second ads, as advertisers and brands get more comfortable with longer form ad content.

15-second pre-roll ads have the highest completion rate–an impressive 79%, in fact–which makes total sense… the shorter ads will be completed more often than the longer ones:

Mobile video ads are on the rise as well, in a big way. It’s not easy to notice, since they still make up just 2.7% of the total online video marketplace. But when you consider that last quarter they were at only 2%, you realize that’s an increase of 35% in just one quarter. That’s growth that can’t be ignored, and I think we can expect to see it continue steady growth over the coming years until it’s one of the top formats in all of online video advertising.

Types of Advertisers

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) still blow all other advertisers out of the water in terms of spend for online video ads, with 23% of the marketplace spending coming from CPG companies. Pharma is in second, with 16%, followed by Telecom companies at 15%.

In a bit of a surprise, Entertainment companies are in the lowly 4th position, accounting for only 8% of the video ads.

Take a look:

Target Demographics For Video Ads

What demographic group is the most targeted by online video advertising? That would be Persons 25-54, with up to 15% of campaigns targeting that group, up from only 11% last month.

Last month’s top target demo, Females 25-54, slipped from 14% to 11% into second place. Here’s a look at how the demographics break down:

Females are far more targeted overall by campaigns than males, nearly triple the amount:


Any one of these reports, taken at a glance, could seem innocuous. But it’s these subtle changes from one quarter to the next that show us the road map for where online video advertising is going. Mobile video ad impressions are up a small number, but the growth that small number represents is beyond impressive.

Advertisers appear ready to explore longer video ad content lengths as well, which is a fantastic sign of where things might be headed


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