MLB Finally Embraces YouTube, In A Way

MLB Finally Embraces YouTube, In A Way

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As a huge baseball fan, it can be frustrating most of the time to try to find some of those classic moments in baseball history.  Major League Baseball has been steadfast about keeping clips off of YouTube for whatever reason, and diligent about taking down any unauthorized clips that might appear.  One thing I always tell people when it comes to my love of baseball is that the reason I got into it is probably centered around the amazing postseason moments of the 1980s, such as the Buckner play and the Gibson home run.  MLB has finally gotten to YouTube, and in some countries, it plays actual live games.

For the US: Classic Clips of Major League Baseball

Alas, we can’t see live games here because of the business side of baseball.  But, the clips are good enough for me.  Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run in Game 1 is still unbelievable no matter how many times you watch it, because the guy could barely move.  No one even thought he could play.

What’s even more amazing about that homer is he fouled off so many pitches, looking horrible each time.  A hit, much less a home run, didn’t even seem possible.  Of course, the moment is made all the better by the fans going crazy and Vin Scully’s call of it.

Or sometimes, a home run is so majestic that it makes the entire building quiet:

You can also take in highlights from the night’s action, watch full games after they’ve aired, and a good amount of classic games.

The live streams are being restricted to those who live in the US, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.  As this article from Yahoo! notes, the MLB still has a long ways to go when it comes to social video, and it’s not nearly as good as what the NBA does (the NBA is good with users uploading their own stuff and sharing them).  Many of these clips are already available on, and the MLB still has a problem with user-generated content.

My main problem with the MLB channel is the navigation.  Clips are just everywhere in no discernible order.  It’s hard to find things that you want.  There are some playlists, but they seem to be hastily thrown together (and from what I can tell, no Buckner play is available)  But despite the problems, I’m glad many of these clips are finally available on YouTube.  And since it’s early, we can hope the problems are due to the fact that they’re new to this.


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