NCC Extends Advertiser Options Through Mixpo Technology

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Mixpo is working to extend the reach of cable TV ad campaigns by taking them online and turning them into interactive ads. It seems that advertising is converging faster than television and the Internet are, or is it? Mixpo just signed a deal with NCC that includes regional as well as national campaigns being extended to their websites. Mixpo, the online video advertising technology company, has cut a deal with National Cable Communications (NCC), a cable television advertising firm. The specifcs of the agreement will allow advertisers to extend their existing TV commercials to the Web with highly measurable and locally targeted interactive video ad campaigns. It’s video ad convergence, or is it?

The thing about Mixpo is that they’re making online video advertising available to just about everyone, which is great. They have predefined templates that you can fill with your own media (audio, video and photos) or use some of their stock library. Then those ads are slotted into existing advertising inventory. In fact they let you embed your VideoAds just about anywhere. Your ads are syndicated to major search engines and can be included in display banners. Mixpo’s video advertising platform leverages online display inventory, that means that it’s not always using what would be termed as a video advertising slot (according to researchers like comScore, Nielsen, etc), but it fits the videos into banner slots like 300×250 pixels, etc.

What the deal really allows NCC’s advertisers is the ability to have their ads run on Cable Operator ISP sites (think Roadrunner). The service will allow advertisers to target their specific region as well as run national campaigns. However, the deal seems to only extend to NCC (owned by Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable) sites. That means while they are everywhere, the ads can’t be placed on any site on the web if we understand correctly. NCC is said to be the largest cable advertising force in the US so they have a near complete coverage and a presence in every market.

So really, this deal is extremely limited in scope. All it actually does is give NCC advertisers, who are already advertising on one of the cable networks mentioned, the option to run those ads on the cable company websites as well. It’s not really video ad convergence at all and doesn’t seem like it will have a major impact in the long run. However if Mixpo were to allow the advertisers to extend their ad campaigns and utilize the same creative that might be a better deal for the advertisers.

Fitting video ads into display banner space is nothing new and Mixpo is really just supplying the underlying technology. It’s really just an extension of placing your ads on cable television and honestly, I can’t believe that it’s taken NCC so longto even get around to this type of extension.


This article has sparked some discussion between Mark and myself as to its meaning. I am not stating that Mixpo is not innovative, quite the opposite, they are very innovative in finding new ways to get video ads into existing ad spaces online. What I am trying to say with this article is that it was put out as some big news and NCC saying “look at all the great things we’re doing for our advertisers!” yet, really, I’m perplexed as to why they didn’t allow this sort of advertising extension for their advertisers in the first place. Broadband has been around for a fair number of years now and each service has its own website, so why haven’t they thought to tie it all together years ago? Just my take on the whole thing. The article has seen several revisions and title changes but this is what I think and so if there are issues with it, then take me to task on it and not Mark or ReelSEO.


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