How to Squeeze 1.4 Million Words into a Tweet with Video

How to Squeeze 1.4 Million Words into a Tweet with Video

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If an image is worth a thousand words (source = everyone), then at 24 frames, or images, per second, a 60 second video is worth, oh, around 1.44 million words. The maximum length of a tweet is 140 characters (20-30 words) which obviously limits the message you are able to send, but by adding the secret sauce that is VIDEO, you can pack a much bigger punch with your social media responses. We talked to one brand, Nextiva, who are doing just that.

Using Online Video to Create Awesome Social Media Responses

Nextiva is a cloud-based communications company, and it’s doing something really unique and interesting when it comes to engaging with customers and building up advocacy for its brand. It is using video to substitute comments on social media, and also sometimes on email. How? By getting a member of the team on camera to create a personal response to an individual person. The videos are short, easy to create but the impact they have is incredible. Let’s take a look at some examples via its NextivaCares YouTube channel:

Max Anderson, lead video producer at Nextiva, confirmed that using video had been a great success at building brand awareness and advocacy. The personalized videos were being shared across social networks as the recipients were so enthusiastic about the bespoke response they had received. ReelSEO has also been on the receiving end of a personalized tweet and video – which made such an impact that we wrote about it in a previous Creators Tip:

Using Video in Your Branded Social Media Strategy

The beauty of Nextiva’s approach is that it is pro-active, responsive and interactive while remaining very much on-message. The Nextiva team record their response via using iPhones or iPads and the YouTube Capture App. The videos can be created within 5 minutes and uploaded directly to both the NextivaCares YouTube channel, and to its social media accounts. The difference between just replying to a tweet, and taking the time to create a personalized video is just a few minutes but it could have a massive impact on your relationship with your clients.

Are you using video as part of your customer service strategy? Let us know in the comments below!


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