The Millennial Woman on YouTube [Report and Webinar Playback]

The Millennial Woman on YouTube [Report and Webinar Playback]

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Millennials expect more from media, brands, and technology than any other previous generation, so it’s vital that anyone publishing video content understand the motivation and intent behind this demographic’s online video consumption habits. But that demographic is so huge, how can brands and media companies drill down to target a particular sector? Luckily, Tubular Labs has identified the Millennial Woman on YouTube, and what makes her tick when it comes to that platform. We have created a report that not only defines an audience, but which also confirms important sub groups of that audience. The research highlights the brands, publications, musicians, celebrities, and television shows she most engages with online, but also the content she is most likely to engage with in the future.

The Millennial Woman on YouTube

The Millennial Woman is part of the first true digitally native generation, and she consumes her YouTube media with a very different intent than women of other ages. On average, she is nearly 4 times a likely to engage with YouTube content by liking a video, and over twice as likely to comment on a video.

Webinar: Millennial Woman on YouTube

To launch the exclusive report, we held an in-depth webinar to discuss the findings and what they mean for brands, media publishers and creators. Our resident Tubular data expert and senior analyst, Eileen Cheng shared Tubular’s global research findings on a group the online video community is itching to learn more about; the millennial woman. Co-presented with inspiring YouTube influencer Cassandra Bankson, Eileen explored this extensive Tubular analysis in detail, including:

  • Who is the Millennial Woman?
  • What Does She Love and Engage with?
  • Who Does She Follow?
  • Millennial Women Sub Audiences: The Gamer, The Foodie, The Beauty

This webinar is a must for media companies and brands keen to understand the buying and lifestyle preferences of the millennial woman, to better curate content to appeal to and captivate this audience.

Cassandra Bankson is a hugely popular YouTube creator with over 800K subscribers, and 125M views. She has built up a passionate community around her beauty and lifestyle content, and is a truly authentic spokesperson on behalf of her generation. She has worked with many brands on reviewing and endorsing cosmetics products that she truly believes in, particularly anti-acne products. The 24 year-old Bay Area beauty blogger is also a model, and an entrepreneur and is one of the biggest influencers in the beauty space on YouTube. Cassandra provided her personal perspective as a female millennial, YouTuber, beauty expert, and lifestyle blogger.

View the Millennial Woman Report and the webinar Now! The Millennial Woman on YouTube report gives an unprecedented insights into this demographic, and you can access the full deck plus get access to this exclusive webinar right now by filling in the form below:


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