Michael Shannon Goes Delta Gamma [Fun Video Friday]

Michael Shannon Goes Delta Gamma [Fun Video Friday]

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Hello, all.  We’re here for another Friday filled with videos that are fun and amazing.  This week brought out the funny, as Michael Shannon “dramatically” reads a viral sorority letter that will make you smile all day.  Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with Coachella music lovers.  Epic Rap Battles ended Season 2 with a historical political showdown.  We have music and science covered.  We have brands doing interesting things with their ads.  We’re ready to celebrate the weekend.  Let’s go!

Fun Video Friday, April 26

Really, you could watch this video and not have to watch any others.  Sometimes, something in the news happens, and then someone makes fun of it in the perfect way.  Getting crazy-eyed awesome actor Michael Shannon to read the now-infamous profane Delta Gamma e-mail written by a University of Maryland student is pure genius (and in case you hadn’t figured out by now, hilariously profane:)


Will Sasso’s collection of Vines, imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger in a car, turned into a YouTube video, is hilarious (some bad language):

Jimmy Kimmel exposed Coachella Festival fans’ knowledge of music by completely making up band names and asking them if they’d ever heard of them in “Lie Witness News:”

Paul Scheer and Will Arnett re-enact the Arsenio Hall-Bill Clinton interview from 1992 (haha, almost), from the channel “buhhhhhh:”

Hollywood Bleeps and Boops turned into music:

Rhett & Link go “Hall & Oates” in their new music video, called “Have You Ever,” where embarrassing situations are one thing, but stupidity or just plain wrong is another:

A-Trak & Tommy Trash decide to go all Rube Goldberg with their new video for “Tuna Melt.”  This one is ridiculously complex and fun:

Epic Rap Battles ends season 2 with Rasputin Vs. Stalin:

Evian’s new “babies” ad went super viral to the tune of 35 million views in a week:

Volkswagen, trying to create pub for the New Fusca, “skips” the ad for you:

Land Rover wants you to know how their vehicle navigates driving through a rough patch, without actually showing the Land Rover, using people who do parkour (called traceurs):

Lyle Madison plays “Game of Thrones” using the 56 bells at the UW-Madison Carillon:

Watching a watermelon get cut in less than 30 seconds is oddly soothing, and lyrical:

Buzzfeed wants you to know 10 things you think are facts are not:

Canada’s Chris Hadfield explains what happens when astronauts get sick in space:

NASA has an amazing, gorgeous look at 3 years of the sun spinning around and doing its thing:

Veritasium’s look at jetpack rocket science. You know you wanna see this:

ASAP Science asks, “What’s worse, childbirth, or getting kicked in the cojones?”

Mental Floss gives us the names behind the acronyms and initials:


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