How the Big Media Companies Are Winning at Social Video

How the Big Media Companies Are Winning at Social Video

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Every day, online audiences dedicate hours of their lives to watching video content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Sometimes they’re watching relatable influencers, and other times they’re watching engaging content from brands. But one particular type of creator is making waves in social video on a regular basis, and these are the media companies.

In the Q3 2017 State of Online Video (SOOV) report from Tubular, a large chunk of mega-creators (those influencers and brands who have achieved more than 100 million lifetime views on their content) turned out to be media companies, which routinely find themselves at the top of Tubular’s monthly leaderboard charts for both YouTube and Facebook. So what are these companies doing right? Using our Q3 2017 SOOV report, let’s check out which trends and decisions are helping media companies succeed at their social video efforts.

Media Companies Are Gaining Significant Traction on YouTube and Facebook

Tubular’s Q3 2017 SOOV Report discovered media companies are a large chunk of the most active channels around in terms of uploads on YouTube. These types of channels accounted for only 13% of all the mega-creators on the platform in Q3 2017, but they produce 42% of overall uploads. On Facebook, mega-creator media companies are also starting to upload more prominently than in the past. From Q1 to Q3 2017, for example, uploads from these publishers grew 6%.

Media Companies on YouTube Q1 2016 – Q3 2017 (all data via Tubular Labs)

Essentially, media companies are working hard to ensure they maintain presences on both YouTube and Facebook by having a full and consistent distribution calendar. If your brand is also a media company and you want to compete for the attention of audiences on YouTube and Facebook, you should consider an equally aggressive uploading strategy over the coming quarters.

In terms of views, media companies are also performing well on these two social video platforms. On YouTube, influencers still earned more views from Q1 2016 to Q3 2017, but media companies dominated compared to brands, pulling 19% of the total views on videos uploaded by mega-creators versus just 2% from brands. Media publishers on Facebook have seen even better results; 52% of all views on mega-creators’ videos uploaded from Q1 2016 to Q3 2017 came from media companies. In this most recent quarter alone, media publishers claimed roughly 345 billion views!

Media Companies on Facebook Q1 2016 – Q3 2017 (all data via Tubular Labs)

Overall, it seems the intense uploading strategies of media companies these last few quarters have also contributed to their increased view counts. Some media companies in particular, though, manage to pull in millions to billions of views on their own every single month. In this next section, we’ll check out which companies these were for November 2017.

Social Video Winners: Top Media Companies

Every month, Tubular releases leaderboards for the top ten most-watched creators and publishers on YouTube and Facebook. These leaderboards look at specific creators and channels, as well as the overall viewing performance of media properties. It’s this latter category we’re going to check out now as we review the top five most-watched media and entertainment properties across the globe from November 2017.

At the top of the chart is BuzzFeed, which counts individual brands and sub-properties such as the popular food-centric Tasty. Across all its social video channels (including platforms like Instagram) from 109 creator accounts and more than 4000 videos, BuzzFeed claimed almost 5.4 billion total views in November. The majority of these views came from Facebook, where the media company’s science publisher Nifty Science claimed the most-watched video last month with 70 million views and a whopping 69.9 million average views in its first 30 days (V30):

Next up was Time Warner, which moved up one position over October to land at #2 with just over 5.3 billion total views from a massive 32,000+ videos. These views were distributed fairly equally across all the property’s social platforms used by its 289 creators. Time Warner’s second spot is impressive, but it better look out for the #3 contender from November which was Jungle Creations. This media property only claims 26 sub-creators at the moment, but in total their 3500 videos from November almost garnered 5.3 billion views on their own! This view increase bumped Jungle Creations up four whole spots last month, and if the media property continues this trend, it could soon be competing for #1.

The LADbible Group placed fourth last month with just over 5 billion total views from roughly 4300 videos across 12 creators and all its social platforms. Finally, The Walt Disney Company, which boasts a whopping 677 creators across sub-properties like Marvel and ABC, generated almost 4.4 billion total views in November from over 27,000 videos. In the end, these five media entities managed to place on this chart based on what we discovered in our Q3 2017 SOOV report — thousands of video uploads inevitably attract billions of eyeballs per property, a strategy all media companies can work hard to emulate.


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