Media Buyers See Big Value in Multi-Platform Advertising

Media Buyers See Big Value in Multi-Platform Advertising

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With the NewFronts going on there is a lot of buzz about original digital video content and ad dollars spent on digital video over TV. But in a recent IAB survey a vast majority of respondents believe it very important that they can buy both TV and digital video at once. Make sense since research shows that combined, those two platforms offer the most efficient advertising for the money.

Around 82% of respondents in the IAB Advertiser Perceptions Survey said that a multi-platform media buying solution is “extremely/very important,” truly they see the value in being able to tie two platforms together with just one campaign buy. Around 17% were completely ambivalent about it and only 1% thought it not at all important.

IAB multi-platform media buy

Digital Video Spending Locations

Spending directly at the publishers is the clear cut winner in terms of where the money is spent. However, you cannot discount the video ad network usage as it is not far behind. Overall, about 77% of the 280 respondents buy directly and only 55% of them use a video ad network (71% overall use some form of ad network). Agencies seem to be totally on board with the digital video ad networks as almost two-thirds of agency respondents said they do so (63%).

In terms of buying a package which included TV and digital ad placements, two-thirds of overall respondents currently do that. That breaks down to 52% doing it from a broadcaster and 45% from a cable or satellite provider.

It a fast growing trend to buy TV and digital video, yet only one-third of agency budgets and slightly more for marketers (37%) is spent in cross-platform buys. That is 35% overall, but is up 9% since the first year of the NewFronts in 2012.

IAB newfront cross-platform buy

Cross-platform buying saw a big rise in spending between 2012-13 when 56% said they increased dollars spent on it. This year, according to the survey, could see a similar outcome with 56% saying they expect there to be an increase in dollars spent on cross-platform media buys. That’s opposed to the 2% overall who said they believe there will be a decrease and 42% who said it would remain the same.

So not only do agencies and marketers believe that the ability to buy TV and digital video ad placements simultaneously is very important, they are increasing the money they spend doing it. Cross-platform seems to be big business. Now we just have to wait for the fallout from the NewFronts to see where all the ad dollars go and how much cross-platform buying was done.


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