Measuring Social Media Buzz With Video (how Obama Beat McCain)

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What are people saying about you, where are they saying it, how are they saying it (with text, video, images), is it positive or negative, and how should you act on it? A new “Prime Buzz” metric tool, created by the search marketing firm Prime Visibility, may have set a new standard for measuring a company’s performance across the widest range of major social media websites. Listen to ReelSEO Grant Crowell’s interview with Andrew Hazen, Prime Visibility’s Founder and CEO.

Prime Visibility recently issued a press release announcing new proprietary technology tool, a “buzz metric tool,” for measuring the widest range of social media websites’ popularity, and the effect that has for their clients. “Prime Buzz is designed to help companies, political campaigns and brands better quantify how they are viewed across the social media spectrum” reads their release.

The tool functions like “social media audit.” Using a quality score across the major social media sites, companies are provided with automated reports and weighted scores (a quantity-to-quality ratio) on what are people saying about you, where are they saying it, how are they saying it (with text, images, and video), and how important it may be. Then the tabulated “buzz score” provides the company with a much easier to understand overview of their social buzz improved human analysis and integration with a company’s web analytics data, towards making important next step – just how should you act on any of it?

According to Prime Visiblity’s press release, the Prime Buzz service conducts a thorough monthly analysis of the Buzz Metric so that clients can recalculate the ongoing success of their social media campaigns based on how their brands are viewed. Findings are calculated based on “a variety of trends and variables, including submissions, views, subscribers, voting, bookmarks, ratings and other social media exposure that, combined, determine the buzz that can make or break a product or brand.”

Prime Buzz utilizes a proprietary social media optimization technology that determines a website’s “Buzz Metric” by analyzing primary categories such as:

  • Video sharing sites (YouTube and Metacafe are listed, but unclear if others are included as well) .
  • Other social media site types measured are: blog hubs, bookmarketing, social networking and social knowledge sites, podcasts, image/photo-sharing services, directory submission services, and widgets.

Each of the content and location types are assigned their own quality scores. For example, “a bookmark might be worth less than a view on YouTube,” says Andrew.

The Video Buzz metric for presidential candidates

Prime Visibility showcased their buzz metrics tool by doing their own survey around the online social media elements related to the two U.S. Presidential candidates. For this survey, Prime Visibility measured 25 of  “the most popular independent social media websites” were measured, the results of which are available in two PDF reports for download – social media buzz chart, and an overview report of what was measured and weighted.

“On YouTube, we actually saw through Oct 17, 534,000 videos that were featuring obama, and McCain had 297,000 videos on YouTube. In terms of online video social media buzz, Obama far exceeds McCain’s.” says Andrew.

According to Andrew, Video is given distinctive actions and weights in their Prime Buzz metric. “Having video uploaded on YouTube is given a certain point-value (in the Prime Buzz algorithm). What plays into it is the # of times that video is viewed, # of comments, and any clickable links within those comments. Each one of those is assigned their own weighted point value. They also look to see how often the video is embedded. “You need to have more insight with video than just plain analytics.”

“What we did for the political candidates is since we didn’t have access to their web analytics,” it was harder to do than with a client where you do have access to their web analytics, and can put a better value to the video optimization and the video social prime buzz. “But absent to us having those analytics, we work on those components and the weight buzz.”


Andrew disclosed that the Prime Buzz service ranges from $1K-$10K a month for clients, depending on the report scope and the level of expert analysis by Prime Visibility’s own consultants.


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