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McConnelling: When Video PR Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong [Meme]

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Mitch McConnell doesn’t get it. I don’t think he gets a lot of things, but when Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and his crew took a recent campaign ad full of McConnell gazing into the camera or attempting to look like he was working, well, hilarity ensued. Even funnier, McConnell was hosting some of the best #McConnelling on his own site. But first, let me go back to the beginning.

Here’s the whole story in a nutshell. Mitch McConnell, the lipless, turtle-like Republican Senator from Kentucky, put out some B-roll footage in a more than 2-minute campaign ad without voice over or any other wording. Basically, that is so groups he cannot legally work with can go get the footage and use it in their own ads. Jon Stewart and his crew at The Daily Show got a hold of it eventually and began setting it to numerous, numerous soundtracks right before they went on a week long break. They then made a game of it and told everyone to go on and do it themselves with the hashtag #McConnelling. More hilarity ensues and now Mr. McConnell’s team has taken some and placed them on the Team Mitch website, or they did anyway. They apparently didn’t see that we are completely making fun of it all or they are trying to make the coal-powered Senator more modern because “all the kids are McConnelling, it must be cool.” or is it coal?

Stand for Coal. Stand for America.

That sub-header is straight from his website, clearly coal is the best energy option we have. I wonder if his website is coal-powered. It’s definitely not done by the technically savvy because none of the videos works on anymore. Or, they finally got the joke. No matter, there are tons of examples I’ve got for you to show that you should be careful with what you put out on the Internet for public use.

The Daily Show (link):

The Young Turks:

I did enjoy their own version of #McConnelling.

Even the New York Times has picked up on the story. If you go to Google and put in McConnelling and search videos, there are 3.97 million hits. It’s getting coverage from pretty much everyone now.

A Meme is Born

This is a somewhat unique situation. Because of Federal laws any footage that PACs or superPACs use has a certain set of restrictions on it. So when the video hit the Internet with no words and some simple music, it was a prime target for just about everyone. A couple of my favorites.




I never realized how much he does look like a turtle until just now.

Has it jumped the shark? Perhaps…especially with this entry which is a meme cross-over wonder.


Video PR Goes Horribly Wrong

Because of the regulations on the type of video Team Mitch put out and that they probably wanted it used by PACs and SuperPACs, the footage became the front running candidate for meme of the week. A really great case study here would be to see how many of these McConnelling videos came from within Kentucky’s borders, because that might also give some idea as to his re-election chances. Probably very few since Kentucky is a red state. But it certainly isn’t doing any good for his staunch allies in Congress either. Being one or two steps removed from the Internet buffoon of the month is never good for any politician and being one is even worse. It certainly isn’t going to lend any credibility to any bills he sponsors or any interviews he has in the near future. Most people, like me, might just think “Hey, where’s his ninja garb and turtle shell.”

So remember kids, when you put video out on the Internet trying to make yourself respectable, it’s probably going to backfire and become an Internet meme.

And now for something completely #McConnelling… (my own)

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