Mary Doodles Is YouTube’s February On The Rise Winner, Here’s Why

Mary Doodles Is YouTube’s February On The Rise Winner, Here’s Why

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Every month, YouTube’s “On the Rise” program finds a handful of channels that are beginning to see real jumps in views and subscribers and the like, puts them together as nominees, and then people vote on them to come up with a winner.  February’s winner is Mary Doodles (actual name Mary Gutfleisch), who actually has a connection to a top YouTube channel, Epic Rap Battles, making props and costumes for that show.  Mary Doodles is in the time-lapse art genre of channels.  She makes fun and entertaining paintings in an easily digestible set of videos, and her channel is seeing growth because of it.

A Look At Mary Doodles, YouTube’s February On The Rise Winner

For those of you not quite sure what makes a good video, content wise, examine this Halloween video.  We’re not only seeing an artist draw an excellent picture that, in its finished state, would get your imagination going, we’re seeing how that picture is made…and a story, told in poetry, gives us layers of that story a piece at a time.  This is excellent:

She takes suggestions on what she should draw next, which fulfills Calls-to-Action for her channel, and she also sells or gives away her paintings if you like them.  And hey, remember all our discussion about leverage?  She leverages those Epic Rap Battles and other YouTube stars like Kassem G for her drawings.

Here’s her awesome representation of the Master Chief Vs. Leonidas ERB:

And here’s another story/drawing, complete with a giveaway at the end:

She’s an engaging personality, too, when she gets in front of the camera.  Here’s her On The Rise acceptance video:

What she does so well is making these time-lapse drawings an actual story, something that you want to stick around and see for the duration, because you don’t know exactly what’s coming.  This is the drawing that has the most views on her channel, “Greed of the Dragon:”.

The second part of the drawing is unexpected, and pretty funny.  Future creators can learn a lot from this channel.  Give it a look.


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