Content Worth Sharing: Mary Doodles Goes Back In Time With Latest Art Video

Content Worth Sharing: Mary Doodles Goes Back In Time With Latest Art Video

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Awhile back we talked about YouTube’s “On the Rise” winner for February, Mary Doodles, who does time-lapse art videos.  What makes her videos special, though, is that there is a story being told along with the neat process of seeing her create paintings.  Very rarely are we merely seeing art created, we are also given a narrative.  Well, when I see a special video in this regard, I feel the need to share it with others.  Her new video, “Time Bomb – love and time travel” is particularly effective.  This is the type of content that will make you successful on YouTube.

Mary Doodles’ Time Bomb – Love And Time Travel Video: A Well-Realized Adventure Story

Here is the video, which will put you in a very good mood with music from Boy in a Band & Feint featuring Veela:

This is a stunning piece of work, and really, I might not be able to do it justice.

First off, the video puts us in a mood with the music, and the hazy watercolor, dreamy opening sequence with the back and forth that gets us in the right frame of mind for a time travel story:

We go to a complete picture, which is something we don’t usually see until the end of the video, but as we see the drawing disappear line by line we realize we’re watching this in reverse, and we see the crux of the story: a man has lost his wife.  This is why we should care:

Love the forlorn cat in the background, which adds mood to the piece.  But then…aha!  What do we have here?  Something us guys always dream about: a time machine:

But it shows that just because he has a time machine, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be able to go back to the right moment right away.  He finds himself in an arena where a bloody battle has taken place.  What comes next is great storytelling through the time lapse function, because then we see that scene become covered in black, “taking us through time:”

The transitions start getting sick, and you might wonder how the heck she’s doing all this.  In the midst of all this storytelling and artistry, there is real video work being done here that only video can relay to the viewer.  I love how this…

…becomes this so quickly:

At this point, Mary Doodles is toying with you, boggling your mind, keeping you interested.  Finally she stumbles on the happy ending, it mirrors the first scene, only without death.  Notice the cat’s “eyes” are open now, and it’s raining.  Well, you can’t have everything:

Definitely watch this video and give Mary Doodles a look sometime.  She often does stuff that is amazing, but this in particular put me in a great mood.  Content creators looking for ways to find an audience should take a look at her channel.  She knows how to keep an audience interested, an often takes requests for her new videos.  Most importantly, she always provides the needed content to make these videos sing.


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