March 2013 Comscore Ranking: A Record 13.2 Billion Ads Viewed

March 2013 Comscore Ranking: A Record 13.2 Billion Ads Viewed

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Everything is holding steady as comScore just released their rankings for March 2013.  While unique viewers and views continue to hold at their basic rates, the number of ads being watched seems to break a record every month.  In March, we saw a record 13.2 billion ads.  That number is likely to go up if all the stories about the number of ads and the amount of ad dollars are to be believed.  Meanwhile, the total minutes-per-viewer reached the 1200 mark for the first time since October.  So let’s take a look at what comScore found out in March.

March 2013 comScore Online Video Rankings

First, let’s end the suspense as to which video portal gets the most viewers.  Could it be something other than YouTube (oh, excuse me, “Google Sites”)?  Of course not!

march comscore main 2

The top 3 haven’t changed at all, and Yahoo! is always 4 or 5.  Viacom Digital makes an appearance in the top 5 after slowly climbing and getting very close in the last few months.  The total videos watched hit 39 million for the first time since November.

Now let’s get to the ads, where we saw more than ever:

march comscore ads

Ads reached over half the population again in March, but check out that total ad minutes figure.  Over 5,000 total ad minutes, and over 80 ads per viewer.  That blows away January and February, which hovered around 60 ads per viewer and a total of 3,500-3,700 minutes.  It even blows away December, where you’re more likely to be inundated with Christmas ads.  December had over 4,000 minutes of ads and about 70 total per viewer.  So March was huge when it came to ads, about 4 million more ads total than any month this year and around 2 million more than in December.

Hulu also continues to lead the way in ad frequency at 65 ads per viewer.  They only reach 7.9 percent of the total U.S. population but they give their viewers a tremendous dose of advertisements.

On to the partner channels, where there is virtually no change:

march comscore channels

From what I can tell, ZEFR is a network that gets licenses from studios to show movies and movie clips on YouTube, and probably a lot more.  But they were nowhere near the top 10 on this list until January, where they unexpectedly made an appearance and knocked Machinima out of the top 5.  They’ve been 5th since then, behind the usual 4 of VEVO, Fullscreen, Maker, and Warner Music.

So this online video train keeps chugging along nicely.  Be prepared for even more ads!


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