Managers and MCNs Highlight YouTube’s Second Pro Series

Managers and MCNs Highlight YouTube’s Second Pro Series

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YouTube’s Pro Series continued last week, with an official announcement yesterday on the YouTube Creator Blog.  The last series covered working with advertisers, and this one deals with a pretty hot topic: signing with a manager or multi-channel network (MCN).  A lot of creators have no idea what it means to sign with an MCN, and here, this series has advice from Big Frame‘s Lisa Filipelli, Dominic Smales of Gleam Digital, creators Joe Penna (aka Mystery Guitar Man), Tyler Oakley, and Benjamin Cook of Nine Brass Monkeys.  This series spans five videos.

What You Need to Know About Managers and MCNs

A little introduction:

Now that you know what they are, here’s the process you need to learn to sign with one:

Here are the benefits with working with an agency/network:

How you work with your agency/network:

And then the audience gets to ask questions at the end, including the intriguing question as to whether a UK channel should sign with a US network:

Good stuff all around.  If you want to subscribe to the channel, it’s right here.  Also, we talked to Big Frame last year in this video:


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