How Luxury Brands Perform Differently When it Comes to Online Video [Report]

How Luxury Brands Perform Differently When it Comes to Online Video [Report]

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The explosion of social video has brought unprecedented opportunities for brands to reach their target audience, and raise awareness for their products or services. Many brands have fully embraced this opportunity, and are seeing extraordinary engagement from a multi-platform video strategy, but there are some verticals that have been a little more cautious when it comes to being social. One of these sectors was the luxury market, now however we are seeing many big name luxury brands dedicated huge resources into creating and publishing online video content across the main social video platforms.

But how are luxury brands leveraging video, and what type of video content is working for them? In a brand new study between OMD EMEA and Tubular Labs, we can reveal vital social video insights across select sectors of the luxury industry. The report, ‘New Video Code of Conduct in Luxury Marketing‘ takes a deep dive into the unique way different audiences engage with luxury video content. We found that Luxury brands are unlike other brands & industries when it comes to video consumption. Most luxury brands now have an Instagram profile, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, and rather than following the lead of influencers and digital first publishers, luxury brands are taking the lead and owning a larger share of the viewership and engagement.

Luxury Brands: The Impact of Social Video

OMD EMEA, part of OMD Worldwide, is the largest and most awarded marketing performance company in the world, partnered with Tubular to release this study on the luxury industry and social video. The report takes an in-depth look at how luxury brands, such as TAG Heuer, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, and Cartier are bucking the trends of other industries and finding success with original, owned content online.

The impact of social video on luxury brand marketing has been huge, and we are now seeing print trends like the ‘September Issue’ emerge across social video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But in a surprise twist, our data shows that advertising and premium content actually delivers the lowest engagement ROI compared to the volume of video content uploaded.

It’s Real’ content – i.e. behind the catwalk at a fashion show – that viewers are engaging with, rather than premium content or ads, and that ‘real’ content is driving 74% of all luxury video engagements! In response, we are seeing creative teams are taking the lead, opening up their worlds and sharing what’s happening behind the scenes in real-time.

‘Real’ luxury content drives more engagement than premium content or advertising (All data via Tubular Labs and OMD EMEA April 2017)

When it comes to engagement, viewers under 35 years old focus on beauty and entertainment influencers, concentrating on how luxury brands make them look. While the older audience engages with influencers who concentrate on craftsmanship and in-depth luxury product reviews. We are seeing huge opportunities for luxury brands to deliver content solutions dynamically, serving more relevant videos based on data such as age, interest and behavior.

Luxury Brands: Viewers Love Real Content

Christian Dior is one of the many luxury brands that leverage social video, and the couture house has opened up its social channels to give its audience a glimpse behind the scenes. In March 2017, it uploaded 109 videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, generating a total of nearly 16M views, and 1.6M engagements. Its most popular Instagram video upload is a fantastic example of ‘real’ content, as viewers are given a rare look into the Dior archives, and the dazzling array of blue hues that have been used over the years.

Download the Full Luxury Report Now

Luxury brands should look to understanding luxury video trends across all social video platforms in order to master content creation and make informed and effective content decisions. OMD EMEA and Tubular Labs’ ‘New Code of Conduct in Luxury Marketing‘ report gives an unprecedented insights into social video and the luxury market, and you can access the full deck right now by filling in the form below:


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