Long Form Content Mobile Viewing Growth Continues, Who’s Watching?

Long Form Content Mobile Viewing Growth Continues, Who’s Watching?

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Mobile video viewing is growing at an enormous rate as I covered yesterday in the first Ooyala Q4 2013 Video Index article. However, publishers were still at a loss as to who was watching, but thanks to Ooyala we do know what they are watching and might draw some conclusions from that. More than half (53%) of mobile viewers’ time was spent watching video longer than 30 minutes, which means long form is now the main form of mobile video viewing, in terms of time.

While the desktops are still in the mix and long-form is still the most prevalent form on the device with 61% of viewing time, it’s matched with 60% on tablets and a whopping 75% on mobiles. That means three-quarters of viewing time on mobile is content with a duration of 10 minutes or longer.

When we dive deeper into that we see that 31% of long form viewing on mobile is content in the 60+ minute range, nearly rivaling connected TV’s 39%.  Desktops see more percentage of long form viewing in the 10-30 minute range but is comparable in the 30-60 minute and 60+ minute percentages to tablets.

Share of Time Watched by Device 2013 Q4

The largest portion of mobile phone viewing time was in the 30+ minute range which is pretty amazing and topped all but connected TV. Long form content is no longer the realm of large, stationary screens. It is now prevalent across all devices which means there are plenty of ways to monetize that content but the experiences have to be optimized for all devices instead of just one major platform now.

That brings with it a whole new set of technical issues for content publishers the least of which is, when do you break into a video with an ad pod so as to maximize revenue but not lose the viewer? There are also things like making sure the stream is stable, minimal buffering occurs and the quality is still as good as possible for everyone.

If we tie in some other research we know that Millennials are in love with their mobile phones. That could then mean that they are a large portion of the audience that is watching all that 30+ minute long form content. Therefore, if that is your target demographic you should be advertising against 10+ minute content playing on mobile phones.

Just last month we got a break down from TiVo about what Millennials were watching. Half of their viewing is TV, movies and sports.

what millennials watch - TiVo

Also, we know where they are getting that content from in terms of publishers. Free streaming is big with the Millennials, that means ad-supported it probably OK with them. They also like SVOD, which most likely means Netflix and Hulu, one has no ads obviously and the other is probably fairly pricey.

Millennials video sources

Now this is all from TiVo so it is somewhat TV-centric.

Back in November we got a report from YuMe that said, “Smartphone video ads over 100% more effective with Millennials Than TV,” we even know where they are watching in terms of app vs. browser.


Video apps are the place to reach the Millennials. Plus, it is more of a captive audience. But if you need a lower per ad price you might still put some in-stream video ads from webpages in the mix as well.

Come to think of it, I may just put together an eBook on all of this and compile all this research into Millennials into one easy to read piece.


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