LiveClicker Launches Interactive HTML5 Video for E-Commerce

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When the HTML5 news rains, it pours. Today we have news that video commerce platform provider Liveclicker has released the industry’s first HTML5 player supporting interactive video commerce. The player is already live on for Chrome, Safari, and iPhone users, and is expected to roll out to Firefox as well within a month.

With Microsoft announcing last week it would support HTML5 in IE9, momentum is picking up fast and it appears more likely than ever that HTML5 will play more than a minor role in the future of web video. The Liveclicker player highlights some of the potential behind HTML5 video player technology in its own right:

  • Interactive text overlays in-video are supported
  • Fully integrated with back-end reporting including conversion tracking and optimization tools
  • Accepts product data feeds from retailers, allowing in-video merchandising of products, descriptions, pricing
  • Integrated related videos functionality and sharing options
  • Fallback to Flash for non-supporting browsers

Liveclicker stresses the HTML5 player release is only the first revision of the player and that many enhancements are forthcoming to bring it on par with the company’s existing Flash player technology. When asked specifically about those enhancements, Liveclicker co-founder Justin Foster said only,

“We’re keeping quiet about our long term HTML5 plans but suffice it to say we are optimistic about the market potential of HTML5, especially in the mobile and email worlds.”

Liveclicker also offers an in-email video tool as a standalone product sold apart from its video commerce platform, but support to date has been mostly through animated .GIF video optimized for different mail clients.

“Animated .GIFs, when delivered in a way that allows for safe failover to static images for slow or non-supporting mail clients is an interesting and growing application of online video, but long term we see the market moving to HTML5 and Flash certification services,” said Justin. “Our goal is not to embrace one technology over another, but rather be a one-stop-shop where email marketers can utilize a variety of technologies to deliver the most realistic in-email video experience possible regardless of platform or device.”

Because ISPs long ago restricted marketers from using Flash or Javascript in email messages, HTML5 could represent a significant advance in enabling in-email video since HTML5 support is built natively into some web browsers and therefore does not present the same security risk as Flash, which requires a separate download to install.

Below is a preview of Liveclicker’s HTML5 video player as can be found at  If you have Chrome, Safari or an iPhone, you will see the HTML5 video enabled, otherwise, it will fall back to the flash player:

Congratulations to Justin Foster and the LiveClicker team for successfully implementing what I believe is the first instance of an online video platform offering built-in HTML5 video tag support. I’m sure many more will soon follow.


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