78% Of Executives Class Live Video As An Effective Business Tool [Report]

78% Of Executives Class Live Video As An Effective Business Tool [Report]

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Ustream, a leading online video streaming platform, specializing in live video streaming, has put out some research that it gathered with Wainhouse Research, Business Video Now. The report shows some major favorable feeling toward live streaming video from business execs. There’s a single infographic titled, Executive Perceptions on Live Online Video – By the Numbers and also a white paper Executive Visions on Video in the Workplace which puts all the data into actual context. They put this out ahead of the webinar next week Learn How Live Video Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder.

Online Video Effective Business Communication

There were 1,007 executives that took a survey about online video and business. Of those executives, 78% said online video effective business commvideo is effective for business communications. That percentage actually breaks down further in the report itself with 36% saying “very effective,” and 42% saying “somewhat effective.” The remainder fell into somewhat effective (8%) and not at all (14%).

The higher up the chain, the more important they thought it was. For example, 65% of C-level execs think it effective for business communications, 45% in upper management positions, 33% in mid-management and just 15% in associate level positions. Logic would lead one to believe that there is probably more live video conferencing at the higher levels than at the lower ones.

Live Video Tops On-Demand?

In this next piece of the infographic, Ustream and Wainhouse say that 72% of those surveyed prefer live video to on-demand. OK, but in what context? Well, if you dive into the report it’s “preferred form of online video for business communications. Now that makes a bit more sense. After all, what would on-demand video business communications be? Video voicemails? I suppose they could also include things like financial reporting, strategy meetings, etc. Of course live is going to be more interesting and more effective. On-demand, in this respect, would be more of a reference medium to keep for archival purposes and not as effective in say, disseminating information in a timely fashion.

live vs. vod ustream

The rest of the report goes on to talk about important factors when purchasing and deploying a live video solution. Here’s a look at the final portion where they’ve grouped respondents into “experienced” and “inexperienced” users.

differing live vs  vod opinions

This chart is, in the report, actually titled Factors “Very Important” to Streaming Purchase Decision – Segmented by Use of Live Online Video. The segmentation is whether or not they use live online video which translates to experience (yes) or inexperienced (no). When you have that information you can see that it might very well be that the “inexperienced” respondents to the survey simply might not have had to deal with or think about purchasing a live online video technology. Here is, for comparison, the same information, without the segmentation – which I think eliminates the bias.

unsegmented purchasing factors

You can see how it flip flops the results in the majority of categories.



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