Live Streaming Video Now Powerful Business Communication Tool [Report]

Live Streaming Video Now Powerful Business Communication Tool [Report]

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70% of respondents to a new report confirm that they use live streaming video for business meetings and communications, with 20% stating that they use live streaming video in the workplace on a daily basis. Ustream and Wainhouse Research did some digging into how business is using live video online for communication and put out a report recently. While almost 30% responded that they have never used live online video for business, that means 70% of the 1,007 respondents have. That’s enough for us to take a look into it and see how business is using live streaming video.

Live Streaming is Big in Big Business

With 70% of the respondents saying they have used live streaming video for business applications, I thought it might worth digging deeper into and checking out what it was exactly they were doing with live streaming video. An astounding 20% said they use live streaming video daily for business and nearly that many said weekly. That means nearly 40% are using streaming video every week for business.

wainhouse live streaming biz use

Nearly half of respondents are using live streaming video monthly for business. Now the question becomes, what are they doing with it?

How Business is Using Live Streaming Video

To look at how they’re using live streaming for business we have to find out what they have used overall. Wainhouse asked the respondents, in terms of extent of usage, what they have done. Over 70% said they have used live online video. That is more than double compared to everything else in this particular question. A video Skype call netted only 29%, watching YouTube videos just 25%, posted on that same site 24% and those are just the video-centric options. It even dwarfs LinkedIn.

what tech and online has biz used.

So for this particular group of respondents, live online video is king. Let’s just leave it at that and move on now. Of these same respondents, 47% said their live video usage was the same as 2010, 22% said they watch up to 25% more, 11% said 25-100% more, 10% doubled and 10% watch none.

The report goes on to talk about what segments watch how much and no surprise IT, engineering, HR and top execs watch the most daily. Why do I say no surprise? Well the execs have the time, and probably all talk to each other. The IT guys are all live streaming conferences or certification classes. The engineers are streaming conferences or events and the HR people are probably doing interviews. See, perfectly logical. But the thing that I find odd is the sales and marketing people are using live video daily, the least of all. I should think that they would be using it far more than some other segments like accounting and finance or manufacturing.

live video by biz segment

I agree that live streamed video can be a powerful communications tool for business including everything from shareholder meetings down to entry level training and customer service. There’s no reason to discount it or think that it can’t work. We have seen some other reports come out that talked about the effectiveness of live streaming events in terms of audience engagement as well so it seems only right that it be a big business communication channel all around.


Data presented in this report comes from the Wainhouse Research Enterprise Web Communications Survey – an online survey of 1,007 corporate executives conducted in the fourth quarter of 2013. Respondents were recruited randomly from managed survey panels to answer questions gauging the use, deployment and perceptions of streaming solutions and other web-based communications technologies. Panel quotas were used only to ensure equal distribution of respondents from small companies (less than 250 employees), mid-size companies (250 to 2,499 employees), and large companies (2,500 or more employees.)

This report features comparisons of responses between defined segments of the overall survey group. Unless otherwise noted, survey results presented for these sub-segment groups are composed of at least 100 survey participants.


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