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Next2Friends is not just another social networking website, it is one that takes social networking one leap forward by offering the following:

  • Video messaging from your desktop
  • Live video broadcasting from your mobile device
  • Chat messaging
  • Intelligent Proximity Matching
  • Real time media rich mobile question polling

Next2Friends Intelligent Proximity Matching – The proximity network allows you to meet up with people who have similar interests simply by being near them. The network recognizes other users by connecting through bluetooth with other phones. They ask, “Are you next to friends?”

Here’s how it works: You set up a Next2Friends profile detailing all your likes, dislikes, quirks and everything that makes you who you are. Then, as you move about in the real world, if you have the Next2Friends software loaded onto your Bluetooth enabled mobile device, Next2Friends will automatically collect and match your data to other Next2Friends users you came into close proximity with. When you next sign into your account you’ll receive notification of all the people you passed throughout the day who share your likes, dislikes, and yes, even your quirks. Worried that this could become a way for people to track you throughout your day? Fear not! Next2Friends’ patent pending technology insures both anonymity and privacy via a highly secure implementation methodology and exclusive encryption algorithms so you will only be seen if and when you want to be seen!

Ask-A-Friend: A dynamic new way to get instant feedback from all your friends.

Live Streaming Video: With Live Video Streaming, you can broadcast live events from any capable mobile device or webcam to your family and friends. They can watch the event in real-time with you, as it happens! And if multiple people are at the same event and broadcast on the same channel, any number of end users will be able to choose between the different camera angles being streamed to edit, download or even burn a DVD of the event.

Online Video Editing: Edit videos in real time as they’ re streamed into the site or go back and make edits to and combine videos that have already been shot.

Video Messaging: Video Messaging you can record a message and mail it to anyone to be viewed either on a computer or a cell phone.


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